Ron Paul and the New Hampshire Youth Vote


Letís recap the percentage of votes received by the top three finishers in the 2012 New Hampshire Republican primary election: Mitt Romney received 39.4% of the votes cast, Ron Paul 22.8% and Jon Huntsman 16.8%. I have heard that Ron Paul has a lot of support from young voters, but what does that look like? Letís use New Hampshire as an example.

According to a report issued by the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE), approximately 15% of eligible New Hampshire voters under the age of thirty participated in the primary this year. Thatís approximately 29,000 voters. To put that in some sort of context, approximately 26,000 young people voted for Barack Obama in the stateís 2008 primary.

Ron Paul definitely did well by the New Hampshire youth vote. Young voters cast their votes for Ron Paul by a margin of 22 percentage points. This is more than double the number of youth votes that the candidate received in the 2008 New Hampshire primary. Interestingly, CIRCLE Director Peter Levine said ďDr. Paulís 47% support from 18- to 29-year olds was the strongest level of support for any candidate by any age group.Ē

I like statistics, but what did this really look like? HeadCount, a nonprofit organization whose thousands of volunteers register fans to vote at concerts year-round, sent a small team of volunteers to New Hampshire to look into this for us. In this video you can watch a few insightful conversations that they had with Ron Paul supporters.

For more about the primaries through the eyes of the HeadCount volunteers check out Melissa Brennan, Chris Mocharla, Abby Brazina and Liz O’Donnell’s†Facebook photo album†HeadCount Goes to New Hampshire. The above photo of Ron Paul New Hampshire supporters was taken by Abby Brazina.

And oh — speaking of music: did you hear that American Idol winner and fellow Texan Kelly Clarkson endorsed Ron Paul on December 28, via Twitter? In his speech at Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa on January 3, Ron Paul asked the students ďIím wondering, does anyone here know the name Kelly Clarkson?Ē He continued ďI have to admit, I didnít know a whole lot about her, but I do know that our supporters were so enthusiastic about that, that they went out and bumped up the sales of her records by 600 percent.Ē

While thatís a fun statistic, and 57% of all respondents in HeadCountís recent Fan DNA Project poll indicated that they are usually inspired to take action when a musician speaks about a social issue from stage, this Kelly Clarkson statistic is not true. According to Nielsen SoundScan data Kellyís new album Stronger actually sold 40% fewer copies during the week that she endorsed Ron Paul, as compared with the number of sales in the previous week.

Iíll be interested to see how Ron Paul does with the youth vote as our attention shifts to South Carolina!


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Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Thanks for posting. Anyone is better than Obama. The hand-out president.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

Not only did Ron Paul come in 2nd in the NH Republican Primary but he also came in 2nd in the Democratic Primary with 2273 write in votes!

"New Hampshire Results Point to a Notable Democratic Enthusiasm Gap"

Dijana D.
Dijana D6 years ago

Ron Paul 2012!

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

Jan do you really like the way the country is headed? Endless war, debt, loss of liberty? Just because he is old doesn't mean he will lose his mind like Reagan.

And for those that still think Ron Paul might be racist:
Ben Swann Reality Check: Author of "Racist" Newsletter Revealed

Interesting at the end he says all the current candidates including Obama have been accused of being racist.

Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

Ron Paul has a relatively small, rabid following. He will not get the nomination, so he can either run as an independant or fade away - if there's actually a difference there. Do we really want to be swearing in a 77-year-old? Reagan redux, incipient dementia and all.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

@Michael M.
Um no, we trust Ron Paul because he has a proven track record of 30 years and does not flip flop on issues. He understands the Constitution, Economy, Healthcare, Foreign Policy better than any other candidate that's why we support him.

Ron Paul voted against the wars, the bailouts, the Patriot Act, raising the debt limit. All of which Bush signed and now Obama as well. So how is his platform the same as Bush?

@Jerry c. Like others, do you self a favor and do some more research, you will see that Ron Paul is not a racist. Of his newsletters that were published monthly for over 20 years they only found 9 that had racist statements and all were written between 1991 and 1992 by a "ghost writer". Ron Paul should of proof read all his newsletters but to call him racist is not fair.

@Ellyn L. Um you do the same before bashing others.
@Suzanne H. What dark side? Back your claim up.
@Sue J. True there should be 3 separate branches - checks and balances but that system has failed. Many laws are unconstitutional but the separate branches have worked together. It is now up to the states to fight the Federal government to get back the power the Constitution gives to them.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

@Dave C. "interesting....youth are almost always correct minded when it comes to peace.......however, wonder what they would think about his views on EPA, Social Security, Medicare ?????"

Are we really better off with the EPA?
SS are you kidding, most young people know that the SS Ponzi Scheme will have ran it's course by the time they retire.
Medicare, um just like SS Medicare will be bankrupt as well. Many Doctors can not afford to take Medicare patients, some doctors are even going broke according to a recent article.

@Dr. C. again you fail to understand Dr. Paul on Healthcare, competition drives cost down where the government does not interfere. Look at laser eye surgery, not covered by insurance but costs are decreasing. Any industry that the government is heavily involved in is more expensive. Look at Housing, Education, Banking.

And it's not just Republicans that have been pissing on the Constitution as you say, both parties voted for the Patriot Act, NDAA.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

It's not just the young people that support Ron Paul. It's people from all parties that see the path this country is on is not a future they want. They realize we need real change and not a politician that just says what he or she thinks the voters want to hear.

His support spans all age groups and demographic more so than any other candidate. Especially from the military.

@Nyack C. and others that have been falsely lead to believe Ron Paul is somehow anti-gay or racist. Do your own research, there are tons of videos of Ron Paul on Youtube including many videos from blacks that support Ron Paul.

@Dr C. "Many of the items where he does say more , are but clones of any GOP plan such as Mitt Romney's." Now you are really just talking crazy. Then why does the GOP establishment not support him? Why does he vote against the GOP on many bills like military spending for war and the Patriot Act?

Rosalind R.
Rosalind R6 years ago

I'm glad to know that I'll have a Libertarian choice of Gary Johnson on the November ballot.

Juan P.
Juan P6 years ago

Thanks Michael M. I did not know about the prop 19 issue, Maybe if Obama would at least back off of the medical Marijuana issue instead of sending in the dogs and not letting these businesses run and pay their taxes Ron Paul would be a footnote, as it is he will likely loose some votes on this single issue. As far as the racist thing I have seen black voters endorse him without mention of MJ legalization. On the other issues I do not think we will see real affordable health care in our life time and long lasting peace but I agree that the Republicans will make the poor fair worse.