100 Horses Dead Following Helicopter Roundup (VIDEO)

Have you been following the helicopter roundups of wild horses on the California/Nevada border?

The Bureau of Land Management says there are too many horses for the range to carry, so they “roundup” and ship hundreds to BLM corrals and pastures in other states where there are now 34,000 horses costing taxpayers $27 million a year.

But even worse, animal activists say the roundups are dangerous for the horses. Earlier this year, more than 100 horses died as a result of one roundup in Nevada. 

Opponents say the BLM is simply caving in to commercial farmers who pay to run their livestock on public lands. In fact, there are now five times more livestock on these lands, than wild horses.
You decide:

TAKE ACTION: Speak up for wild horses! Tell your representatives to voice their support in ending these roundups.

Photo credit: Zenera


Jill M.
Jill M.5 years ago

Please reword your question. The question, as it is stated, asks only if it is right to remove them from their range. There may be many good management reasons to remove them and even relocate.
The issues should be the reason for sych action and the methods. Clearly the method of using helicopters can be abusive but the reasons and purposes for removing are the key as they are the cause for the methods.

I had to answer NO to the question as it is stated but I am absolutely opposed to the helicopter round-up as it was employed in the videos I have seen. I have cared for abused and injured thoroughbreds off the race track for 25yrs but I realize the importance of care maintenance and management of any group of wild animals in order to preserve their very existence.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky5 years ago

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
---St. Francis of Assisi

Roger Brenton
Roger B5 years ago

Surely someone must be held responsible for killing those horses and prosecuted for animal cruelty. Isn't that an offence in the US anymore?

Liz g.

Heartbroken at the way these beautiful horses and burros are treated,as usual greedy ranchers and farmers who just care about MONEY,never mind that horses have to suffer at the hands of GREEDY EVIL HUMANS!!!!!!!!! So sad and upsetting! Thank you Liz Xx

Ana P Martinez
Ana Martinez5 years ago

Years ago in the "Old West", you were hung for stealing a horse....What should be done now for slaughtering one??

Pattie Segura
Pattie Segura7 years ago

my gut is sick, those poor beautiful animals

Tracey M.
Tracey M.7 years ago

Why can't people just leave these beautiful animals alone? Why does it all come down to greed? Do these people not appreciate natural beauty, that has been on the earth long before people started destroying it. These people are stupid and ignorant.

Maria A.
Maria A7 years ago

To all those imbeciles sitting in government in California and Nevada, why they didn't do a thing to prevent this? It is an act of ultimate cruelty what they have done in the CA/NV border! Wasn't these clowns (from governors to farmers) realizing that their approval of such methods are pathetic? People who do this kind of stuff should be jailed!

Klaus P.
Klaus Peters7 years ago

Greedy farmers who want it all for free. This is animal cruelty, poor horses!

Mark A.
Mark A.7 years ago

"I'm in favor of animals liberation.Why?Because I'm an animal."
Edward Abbey