Ryan’s Budget Latest Blow In Republican War on Women


Republicans have grown fond recently of saying their party is not promoting a war on women, because women aren’t interested in reproductive health or health care, but in financial security and the economy.

Then they go and support the new Ryan Budget plan, and blow their own argument to pieces.

The Center for American Progress took a detailed look at how the “vision” for a Republican party in power would affect women economically, and the results were frightening. “The House-passed Republican budget targets poor women and their families at every juncture of their life cycle, from crib to rocking chair,” they write. “Instead of empower[ing] individuals with greater control over their futures as it claims, this budget does just the opposite. By choking off opportunity for women and children of all ages, the budget leaves poor women to fend for themselves and puts the American Dream further out of reach.”

Supplemental food assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, tuition assistance, all of these programs which help a larger percentage of women than men would all be cut to extend tax breaks for the wealthiest, who are disproportionately male.

There has been massive outrage over the “class warfare” invoked in Ryan’s budget, which will greatly increase the gap between the rich and the poor. But with his proposed cuts making it more difficult for women, especially those with children, to prosper, we should be seeing more outrage over the greater gender discrimination it the budget promotes as well.


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Peggy B
Peggy B5 months ago


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

Repubs have targeted women disproportionately, and all working class Americans in so many ways, it's hard to keep up -- the scorecard can be calculated though, if you keep in mind, that anything that will benefit a worker will be privatized under them; all advantages are to go to corporations and the wealthy. That's how to calculate what the repubs will "give" you under Romney, and the opposite is true under the Democratic administration. The Dems have always been for the average working people, the American dream.

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim5 years ago

Well, that makes half the population who won't vote for him...

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

April Thompson
April Thompson5 years ago


Edith B.
Edith B5 years ago

I don't understand how any sane woman can vote for them!

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

Sorry, I am talking about the wrong toad. I think that Ryan fits the description (except the stalking) as does Perry. They are two of a kind and that doesn't win anything since they are a pair of losers.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

I have found Perry to be obnoxious, smug, egotistical, self-serving, a woman hater, a stalker (he said he stalked his wife till she agreed to marry him) and a number of unprintable things. I am not surprised when he decides that the only class worth helping is the rich because the poor need help in living and he feels that would take away from his rich friends.

Inga S.
Inga S5 years ago

Adam S = Just how does your post make sense?

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

We need to get the state of Virginia a blow up rubber doll so they can love something more than ryan and vote for someone else.