San Francisco Giants to LGBT Teens: It Gets Better! (VIDEO)

Baseball team the San Francisco Giants have earned the title of the first major sports team to record an It Gets Better video aimed at LGBT youth who may be being bullied or contemplating taking their own lives. The video, at just under a minute long, must also be viewed as a quiet but significant step in tackling homophobia in sport. 

In the video, pitcher Barry Zito features prominently and, along with host of other players, delivers delivers this uncompromising message: “We speak for the entire Giants organization when we say that there is no place in society for hatred and bullying against anyone.”

Watch the video below:

For more videos from the It Gets Better project, please click here.

For further resources on bullying visit the website.

The site provides information on how to deal with bullying and covers teens, young adults, parents and educators. It also provides a page on community actions and there are dedicated pages dealing with cyberbullying and anti-LGBT bullying too.


Image taken from the video campaign under fair use terms, no infringement intended.


Cristina A.
Cristina A4 years ago

That's awesome!

Allan Yorkowitz
.6 years ago

Truthfully, I never thought the day would come....

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Way to go, Giants.

Merrill A.
Merrill Dellas6 years ago

Way to go Giants! I am and always will be a Giants fan! Yet another positive step in the fight against hatred and bullying!!!!!!! Thumbs up SF Giants!

Leslie H.
Leslie H6 years ago


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Tom Mccurry
Tom McCurry6 years ago

This is AWESOME. I am so happy to see this day in my lifetime - when such a high profile organization puts time, money and personalities on the line to support life and love. It's about time.

Karen & Edward O.
Karen and Ed O6 years ago

Now this is the kind of team I remember from 1962.
Go Giants!

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

This is great!

Thank you S.F. Giants for being a leader here.

And hopefully that is what you will be as more professional athlete organizations follow suit.

Dotti Lydon
Dotti L6 years ago

I wrote a comment a few minutes ago which hasn't shown up, so forgive if this becomes a duplicate. Thank you Steve for this article. Giants are my team, although I moved to Seattle, I left my heart in S.F. Go Giants and thanks for taking this stand.