Sarah Palin Is Full of It

Cartoon courtesy of the wonderful Peaco Todd.

Although Levi Johnston, that father of Palin’s born out of wedlock grandson Tripp, may not be the most objective source on Sarah Palin, I can’t help but think he’s got her Oprah interview right, telling US Weekly:  “She’s full of it.”  Or maybe “full of herself” is more appropriate?

It seems no one is more successful playing the victim than Sarah Palin.  She continues to dominate the imagination of many conservatives even as she maligns members of their establishment in her book, in the media, and now on Oprah. Forget about being accountable or taking responsibility, Palin is all about blaming everyone else for any trouble or she’s encountered on the way.

Her disastrous interview series with Katie Couric?  A clear case of “journalism today” which is code for liberal media bias not to mention the betrayal by McCain campaign operatives.

Quitting as Alaska Governor in the wake of more ethics violation charges than anyone can count?  “Reloading.”

What cannot be denied is Palin’s power among conservative activists of the non-establisment kind. As a result, as Max Blumenthal points out, Palin presents a big problem for the GOP:

“Elevated by yesterday’s man, Palin now represents her Party’s future — and the greatest danger it faces. Her intimate bond with the Republican grassroots has made her the indispensable woman, even if she provokes a visceral sense of revulsion from many independents and moderates. Other Republican frontrunners like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty have a debilitating problem to face in any race for the presidency: they are viewed as inauthentic candidates by the movement — cardboard men in suits who are only pantomiming appeals to cultural resentment.”

By going rogue, Palin is splitting her party up between moderates and evangelical and teabagger types and the end result looks to be electoral losses as we saw in the battle for New York’s 23rd congressional district. Her pick of the losing candidate does not seem to have dimmed her influence among some conservative elements. 

Palin stated that she is focused on 2010.  I expect to see more Palin anointments–but they’ll be safer bets than Hoffman, her pick for the New York congressional race.

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Cartoon courtesy of the wonderful Peaco Todd.


Maria H.
Past Member 8 years ago

She's insane. I think the same thing happened to her as did to Tom Cruise- too many people told them they were the Chosen One and they started to believe it.

Star Mousie
Good Bye8 years ago

I am not at all convinced that a woman whose lifelong dream is to be a sportscaster is exactly the woman I want in the White House. I can understand that she would want to get out of Alaska. It is noteworthy that the Republican Party made the economic mess that makes it impossible for her to find a new job since she quit her last one. I feel sorry for her, but believe she is far too unstable to be a public official.

Furthermore, as to attacking the kids, Mrs. Palin did it first: Sarah Palin was the one pushing her "too young to be a mom" daughter and "the too young to be a husband and dad" Mr. Johnston, to get married. They are all lucky, especially the child, that the relationship fell apart before the baby's life could be badly damaged by the conflict.

Linda Gene G.
Linda Gene G8 years ago

Craig, my life may be messed up, but I don't go around telling lies, blaming everybody but myself, and most importantly, pretending that I know everything.

She dragged her kids into this mess. Fun has been made of little Amy Carter's looks and Bush's daughters drinking (to name just a few). There parents chose to ignore it...But not Miss Sarah!

Walter G.
Walter G8 years ago

ladies and Gentlemen, we have all missed out on a major point justifying Sarah. Living in Alaska as she does, (Please God, keep her up there!) with winter approaching, she is one of the major sources of hot air in the state.

Keep at it, Sarah, just don't lose your false teeth down a heating duct, we don't want any injuries!

Please send me the obituary, Sarah is a political corpse!

Elizabeth N.
Elizabeth N8 years ago

i'm sad to see palin having a job other than cleaning septic tanks as community service, but i have to say, i recieve a lot of faith in society coming here and seeing how many people agree with me! at least a ton of wonderful Care2 members can see through the bull%^%$#.

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush8 years ago

Of one thing I am certain, the GOP, probably, has given John McCain a piece of their mind and McCain must wonder 'what he was thinking', when he chose her.

It behooves me, to understand, why any person with an education or an IQ, over 75, would support her. She will self-destruct; it is, only, a question of 'when'.

Alicia Nuszloch
Alicia N8 years ago

Sarah likes to bark and the more she barks the less we listen. Dos bark out of intimidation, because they are scare etc.... poor woman I just feel sorry for her, what she should do is to take the pill and take care of her ... how many kids she got ??? anyway ..for them to stop having babies as well !!!

Deborah M.
Deborah M8 years ago

Come on Sarah, not every bad thing in life due to somebody else. You have yet to accept responsibility for ANYTHING. I see you asd one of the biggest threats to our nation. Sadly the radical right has latched on to you and it is somewhat possible, god forbid, that you could, once again, screw up the political landscape. To many far right voters do not weigh issues it is strictly about shoving your belief down the throats of those who have a differing opinion. Then when they call you out and show how stupid you are you blame them. GRRRRR!

Craig Chmiel
Craig C8 years ago

Pap smears, self breast examines come to mind? They are parts of the bill that relate to all of this now i ask when you become to the age of 65 how will you feel then, but like most on here they don't care for their rights, rather give them the big G.

Craig Chmiel
Craig C8 years ago

That's because they didn't take a direct hit on her kids, i wouldn't want my child in the same sentence with Arod either. I can see Russia from my house, you may want to learn history cause Russia is RIGHT across from Alaska fools, but i figure in you peoples world mistakes are never made right? All just to darn righteous easy to throw arrows but your own damn lives are messed up.