Saving the Incredible Tree-Climbing Dog


Written by Janice Cabral of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We rescued Trooper from the streets one year ago. He was lying in a pool of blood outside of a pharmacy. I bent down to see why he was bleeding and he extended one paw and grabbed my arm and pulled it towards him.

I noticed immediately that his rear end was full of maggots and his leg had either a tumor or an abscess on the joint. These maggots can eat through a tail or leg and cause it to fall off entirely. There is only one treatment and that is medication to kill them all and then remove the bodies, keep the wound clean and free of flies until it heals.

As usual, we were broke, but we decided we had better get him to a vet.  Trooper was going to die if nobody helped him. Not that day or the following, but eventually, he would.

No Money, But We Had No Choice

We put him in the back of our pick-up truck on a lead. We always carry a selection of collars with us. He seemed happy and laid down while we drove home first to get the cage to put him in. The vet clinic was 35 miles from where we were and we would have to drive down a motorway, so we needed the cage for him to be safe. When we arrived at the vet, he seemed happy and was wagging his tail at all the fuss he was getting. The vet removed all the maggots he could after the medication to kill them all took effect. His rear end was shaved and the deep holes cleaned. He was given antibiotics and would have to take medication at home too. His leg had an abscess on it caused by two dead bot flies being stuck there. They came out several weeks later. His body was simply not strong enough to eject them due to anemia.

He settled in well and soon became a real personality. We think he is half German Pointer and half Pit Bull. He fell in love with a small fluffy terrier called Sam. I even have a picture of their first kiss. They play constantly and although he is a brute, he has never hurt her. Our biggest surprise with Trooper was that he could climb trees. We had never seen a dog do this. Why did someone throw out such a beautiful animal? We will never know.



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Great rescue for an awesome dog

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wonderful ending for a terrific dog! thanks for saving him!

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What a great save your tree climber is. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks Janice for saving Trooper! He sounds like a character for sure!