Schwarzenegger To Shorten Shelter Stays

California’s animal shelter system is facing cutbacks because of the state’s current budget crisis. California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger has a proposal which could cause shelters to reduce the minimum hold time for strays. This means that euthanization could happen in just three days instead of six.

It’s no surprise that animal advocates disagree with the proposal. Jennifer Fearing of the Humane Society testified at a budget committee hearing Thursday: “If shelters are no longer reimbursed by the state for holding animals, they will be forced to cut services. The ‘savings’ generated by suspending this mandate is a paltry 0.1% of the $24-billion deficit. These funds are the only state dollars that presently go to assisting local governments with the costly problem of pet overpopulation.”

The saddest part is that many animals find homes through adoptions at shelters, not to mention the many pet owners who reclaim their pets from a shelter. Shortening the time that animals can be held will obviously lead to an increase in animal deaths, including the deaths of animals who could be adoptable. With the cost of caring for the animals offset by adoption fees and owner reclaimation fees, it makes very little sense to make such a change.

The proposal has not been passed as of yet, and with animal advocacy groups working against it, it may not pass.

Bethan Hazell


Pierce B.
Pierce B.8 years ago

Latest word is that he's leaving the decision up to the shelters.

Kristi H.
Kristi H8 years ago

Schwarzenegger doesn't care about animals. I have called and e-mailed him dozens of times and the only response I've received is a stupid form letter.

I say we Californians RECALL Schwarzenegger, just like he did Gray Davis!!!!!!!!!

Maria I.
Maria I8 years ago

We have money for illegal immigrants who don't pay taxes, maybe if we collected from them, we would have enough money for animals and other things

francie b.
francie b8 years ago

This is wrong,there has to be other budgets that can be cut other than taking innocent lives.

Judy S.
Judy S8 years ago

The whole world is in debt, find me a country that is not. America is still better off than here in UK. The amount of money we owe is apalling but I would still advocate caring for animals.

Mary Zimmerman
Mary Zimmerman8 years ago

I called and wrote letters and am getting friends to do the same! I volunteer in a shelter and live with an adopted cat who is the most caring loving greatful being ever ... does anyone know if this has passed yet or the date it could be decided on? I want to start a petition and wonder for how long I should put it up and if there is time left.

I wish there was demonstrating in the streets for this like the park cuts!


Mary -

PS If anyone wants to know the numbers to call they are on the HSUS and ASPCA sites or just email me and I will find them :-)

Anonymous A.
Anonymous A8 years ago

Ok this doesn;t make sense to me. Sounds like they do not want to bother with this situation so lets kill the poor little beings. Why not set them up for adoption via the ASPCA, whatever they have in California. Lots of people would love to have pets and kids too. Older dogs over a year make a great housebroken pet they really really do. Maybe we should all sign a petition that goes to Gov. S office. I can't spell his last name let alone pronounce it. I will just say Maria Shrivers husband is all. Something has to be done bout this. We need to make phone calls etc. Anyone have that number. I will call myself and suggest adoptions, we are in the year 2009 and local access cable is under foot here why not have a pet adtoption section there. What a great idea.

Laura S.
Laura S8 years ago

This has not been put into effect yet, and hopefully it won't ever be!

Laura S.
Laura S8 years ago

R. Lazarus, people voting to pass prop 8 does not mean they don't care about people, and also has nothing to do with this. Arnold made the decision to cut the shelter's funds, along with many other things I'm sure, no one voted on it.

Meredith D.
Meredith D8 years ago

Storm, put a sock in it. It's hardly going to save any money, and it may mean families don't have time to find their lost pets before they are killed. It's a cruel policy that doesn't really help anybody. Did you even read the article? It will save 0.1% of the budget, which is practically nothing. And I didn't see anyone advocating cutting funding for nurses or firemen. Surely there is some other way to save money, without sacrificing animals OR humans. Maybe people should just pay their taxes like in every other state. The movie stars alone could make a huge dent in the deficit if they were willing to live in normal houses instead of palatial mansions. People should be sacrificing material possessions, not living creatures, be they human or not.