Science Students Issue Open Letter To U.S. Lawmakers

Recently, several student members of the Botanical Society of America developed an open letter to lawmakers to express their hope that policymakers in Washington, DC, will sustain a national commitment to invest in scientific research, development, and education systems in the United States.

Other science and education-based organizations have signed on or circulated the letter as well. If you are a student, and you agree with what they have to say, then signing on could help strengthen their message. If you are a teacher, it might be something to share with your students.

Part of the letter’s text is copied below:

Federal Investments in Research are Investments in the Future

As future scientists and educators, we, the undersigned students, encourage Congress and the President to make sustained investments in the nation’s scientific research, education, and training programs…

Throughout the 20th century, sustained investments in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) helped build our nation’s economy and improved quality of life for people around the world. If the United States is to remain a global leader, both economically and scientifically, we must sustain and reinvest in STEM research and development.

Unfortunately, the United States is at risk of losing its lead. For years, industry, academic, and government leaders have warned that our nation is losing ground globally in STEM fields…The United States also stands to lose its lead in scientific publications, patents, and other important indicators of the vitality of the nation’s scientific enterprise.

Fortunately, students around the nation want to be a part of the solution. To attract and retain students in STEM fields, however, we must know that the nation is committed to investing in scientific research and development.

Addressing the nation’s current budget challenges is essential, but we must not sacrifice investments in our future. One way to grow our economy is through scientific innovation. Science, however, cannot move forward in an environment where one year brings a rapid budget increase and the next year a precipitous budget cut…

Please invest in the nation’s future through continued support for federal STEM research and education programs.


The undersigned students

Read the full letter and add your name online here.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Good for them -- it's THEIR world that these old white men are framing and making, and it ain't pretty for the young!

Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong7 years ago

Since government began to reduce its commitment to research and development, we have lost our competitive edge. Private R & D is a myth. There is little or none without governement investment as shown in the past 30 years. On this one point, the president does not have it wrong.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers7 years ago

Good for them! I hope there needs are met.

Manojkumar Bhoyar

Nice article

Julie W.
Julie W7 years ago

Madeline, are you saying that neuroplasic rehabilitation has no connection with science? I was watching a science programme last night, which had a big emphasis on neuroplasticity.
Science has many branches - some seem like a waste of time, others more hopeful. The scientific research I really dislike are the ones made purely for proit.

Dan Scribner
Dan Scribner7 years ago

According to the reich wing, science makes too many misteaks - witness global warming, evolution,etc., therefore science is to be ignored.

Jailene Santana
Past Member 7 years ago


Max Overton
Max Overton7 years ago

Fortunately, the rest of the world is getting educated and will be only too happy to take up the dropped baton of US science.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G7 years ago

Aaahhh, bless them! You can never invest enough on education, I applaud their action!

JW H.7 years ago

There is enough R&D going on in the private corporate world that the govt would do well to just stay out of the way.
It is not an "investment" just a waste of money.
If we take the money we spend on abortions and spend it on education and take the welfare money and spend it on education we could have a great country.