Scientists Find Previously Undiscovered Primate Fossil In Texas

Anthropologists at the University of Texas at Austin say they’ve discovered a previously unknown species of fossil primate in the Devil’s Graveyard badlands of West Texas.

Researchers say the bones discovered at the site belong to Mescalerolemur horneri, a small lemur-like animal belonging to an extinct primate group — the adapiforms — from the Eocene Epoch about 43 million years ago.

“These Texas primates are unlike any other Eocene primate community that has ever been found in terms of the species that are represented,” said physical anthropologist Chris Kirk. “The presence of both Mescalerolemur and Mahgarita, which are only found in the Big Bend region of Texas…is significant because it provides further evidence of faunal interchange between North America and East Asia during the Middle Eocene.”

Researchers say the fossils show Mescalerolemur was a small primate, weighing only about 13 ounces (370 grams). The fossils’ dental anatomy reveals a close evolutionary relationship with adapiform primates from Eurasia and Africa, including a German fossil primate previously claimed to be a human ancestor.

However, the discovery of Mescalerolemur provides further evidence that adapiform primates like Darwinius are more closely related to living lemurs and bush babies than humans.

Mescalerolemur‘s lower jaws were two separate bones with a joint along the midline, a common trait for lemurs while Mahgarita stevensi, the closest fossil relative of Mescalerolemur, had a completely fused jaw joint like that of humans.

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Image: Mescalerolemur horneri's partial right lower jaw (scale = 2 mm).

Credit: University of Texas at Austin


Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy5 years ago

Interesting to say the least. Thanks.

John H.
John Helak6 years ago

They coulda named it "Rickosius Perrious"

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L6 years ago

Linda McKellar: ------- YOU ARE AWESOME!! Fantastic sense of humor!

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L6 years ago

I simply cannot pass this one up. Could the DNA possibly make a connection between this find and the George Bush family?

Mabolsa Ritchie
Mabolsa Ritchie6 years ago

@ William G.

"Must be tough trying to prove a falsehood to be true."

Yes it is. All those who believe in the invisible man in the sky are finding it increasingly difficult to find ways to cling on to that silly nonsense. Evolution has been proven time and time again. It is a fact, pure and simple, but those religiots just can't deal with facts. They need to cling on desperately to those silly stories in their silly books.

It's the 21st century. You'd think they'd manage to have caught up with the rest of us by now.

William G.
William G6 years ago

What another missing link found? I thought there was only one, but they seem to find them everywhere. Isn't this the third in the last two years? Must be tough trying to prove a falsehood to be true.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 6 years ago

It was actually the jaw of a homo erectus redneckus Bushii. They still abound and haven't evolved since the earth was created just 5000 years ago. One was even President recently.

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey6 years ago

Wow, they found Rick Perry's jaw!

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

wow !!!!!!!!!!!

criss S.
criss s6 years ago