Scottish Conservatives Elect Lesbian Leader

The Conservative Party in Scotland have just elected a 32-year-old Sunday school teacher, former soldier, kickboxer and journalist as their leader. Oh, and she’s also a lesbian.

Ruth Davidson’s election has been received with universal playing down of her being a lesbian and playing up of the difficulties she will face reviving the party in Scotland.

Since Margaret Thatcher’s time, the party has done disastrously at the polls in Scotland. At the last regional election, it went backwards again.

So electing a new MP — she’s been in the parliament for only six months — is seen as presenting a “fresh-faced, new generation” for Scottish Tories to the electorate.

One of her leadership opponents had controversially suggested changing the party’s name and distancing itself from the Conservative Party in England and Wales. This caused a bitter leadership election campaign. But it is widely believed that she had the support of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Davidson is only in Parliament after the guy above her on the regional party list was deselected after a financial scandal.

There are eleven openly gay Tory MPs in the UK Parliament, including three Ministers.

However, she is the first openly lesbian or gay leader of a major British political party.

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Msq Howard
jo Howard6 years ago

Great news. Congratulations, and Good Luck Ruth Davidson!

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Past member, You just confirmed what I said, thank you

Roger Monk
Past Member 6 years ago

It should be said that the Conservatives are so irrelevant in Scotland now that there's a proposal to disband the party and start again with a new name.

So good luck with that, Ruth.

Past Member
Heather T6 years ago

I am Scottish and have always been Tory. What does it matter if the leader is Lesbian or not. It is none of our business. If she can increase the Tories back in Scotland that is all that matters.
The media always tries to bring out anything detrimental in peoples private lives.

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Yes, I fear Patrick's hit the nail on the head.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Conservative use dirty tricks all the time to gain votes. They don't support her any more than they support liberalism, they just want to trick people into voting Conservative. The U.S. is doing the same with Herman Cain, to get the minority vote.Fool me once......

Susan Diane
Susan Diane6 years ago

Not to keen on the Tory ideology myself but will follow with interest. Happy to see an out lesbian making a difference. Way to go Ruth and Scotland.

tiffany t.
tiffany t6 years ago


Leah S.
Leah S6 years ago


lindsay s.

I am Scottish and had no idea she was lesbian, nor do I see it as important. Her being lesbian has played little or no part of the news. I agree with Thom L - in Scotland (especially rather than Britain) the main story is she is a tory - Scotland being traditionally Labour.