Doctors Urge Scottish Parliament to End Animal Testing

Two doctors spoke with Scottish parliament members about the need to end animal testing in Scotland on Friday.

Scotland for Animals arranged for doctors Ray Greek and Andre Menache to speak with members of the Scottish Parliament about the scientific falsehood that vivisection represents.

Instead of focusing on the inherent cruelty of animal experimentation, Dr. Greek and Dr. Menache gave a presentation outlining that not only is information gained from animal experiments inaccurate, it’s potentially dangerous.

Dr. Greek is an anesthesiologist who specializes in Pain Management. He has a private practice, has taught at multiple universities, and has published several books about the need to end vivisection. Dr. Menache is a former president of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine and received a 21st century award for achievement from the International Biographical Centre at Cambridge.

Most MSPs did not attend their presentation, although it was attended by several MSPs and representatives of others.

Greek and Menache made the case that the lives of Scottish citizens are at risk because of the faulty nature of pharmaceutical tests on animals. According to a USDA report, 92% of drugs that are successful in animal tests are unsuccessful in human clinical trials. And over 80% of European doctors have misgivings about the reliability of information gained through animal tests.

Over half a million animals die in laboratories in Scotland each year, and over half of them are tested on without anesthetics. Ten thousand people die in the UK each year from side effects of prescription drugs. Outdated scientific methods are killing humans and animals.

When confronted with the atrocities and cruel nature of vivisection, supporters will without fail claim that such research is necessary to sustain or save human life, but an enormous amount of scientific information is coming to light that shows this is not the case.

Vivisection kills animals in the most painful ways possible and does so in the name of obtaining information that is not only scientifically unsound, but dangerous and potentially life threatening. It takes money away from legitimate research and obstructs real progress.

Animal testing is a threat to all sentient life on this planet, human and animal.

Photo: Public Domain. Author: Janet Stephens


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you.

William C
William C1 years ago


Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes6 years ago

thank you for this post

valda p.
valda p8 years ago

In the 1960's thalidomide was tested on mice showed no problems and the licence for thalidomide was granted,thousands of babies were born with horrendous birth defects such as missing limbs,how can these people operate on these poor little animals with out anesthetic,they are monsters,vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge,it does so at the expence of human character [Georgr Bernard Shaw].

Jovita Prinz
jovita d8 years ago

Animals experimentation is a crime like abandoning, torturing, burning and animals fighting. We, the Human, with more resources and information, act pretty worse than in Ancient times. Cruelty is a tool used by many people against animals. It´s time to stop the use of animals for investigation, fighting, fur, meals, pleasure and money. It´s time to stop such a cruel practice . Give voice to Animal Organizations and Animal Lovers

Christine Coffin
Christine coffin8 years ago

Animal testing is soooo outdated. With all the new teniques out there no animal should ever have to suffer again. Besides most of the time what works on animals don't work on people.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C8 years ago

Test on humans.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine8 years ago

How grand to know "doctors" find this not necessary also. Thanks Doc!

Roberto Vivas
Roberto Vivas8 years ago

End it! use humans instead...They use different animals for the same products every cowardly!

Roxanne Williams
Roxanne Williams8 years ago

we do need someone to test on, but it should be humans, after all it is for us, and I don't want to get a huge allergic reaction because some idiot doctors decided that the rat is equal to a human and would have the same results, ridiculouse.