Scouts Canada Apologizes to Child Abuse Victims (VIDEO)

Several weeks after Scouts Canada CEO Janet Yale resigned, the organization seems to have taken a turn in a different direction with regards to the alleged confidential files on pedophile scout leaders. Yesterday, Scouts Canada Chief Commissioner Steve Kent released a YouTube video apologizing for the abuse former scouts suffered. He also announced some key actions the organization is taking to deal with the issue.

In addition to the apology to “any and all former Scouts who suffered harm,” Kent explained the approach that Scouts Canada has taken to reporting any allegations of abuse.

Scouts Canada has a very strict policy with regards to reporting allegations of abuse. We suspend the leader in question immediately to ensure there is no further contact with children and youth. We refer the matter in full to police and to child protection services. We cooperate completely with the police in their investigations. Any information Scouts Canada obtains with regards to abuse violations is reported to police.  To our knowledge, there has not been deviation from this policy by Scouts Canada.

However, the investigation by the CBC demonstrates that there were obvious lapses in the implementation of those policies that were further buried through confidential settlements with victims.

In order to address this gap, Scouts Canada made several promises. It has retained the services of KPMG’s forensic group to conduct a full review of records held by Scouts Canada to ensure that there were no exceptions to its policy and that all cases have been reported to the authorities as they should have been. Scouts Canada has committed to making the results of the KPMG review public. Scouts Canada has also asked Peter Dutton, CEO of the Child Welfare League of Canada to lead an expert panel review of all of Scouts Canada’s policies and procedures regarding child and youth protection. Dutton and his panel are expected to make recommendations on any necessary changes to policies, training, and in the field implementation that could improve the safety and security of Scouts.

While Scouts Canada cannot change the abuse that happened in the past, its apology combined with clear actions intended to uncover past lapses and avoid future risks to children and youth appears to be a step in the right direction. After almost two months of denial and silence on the issue, this is certainly a positive development.

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Image credit: Screen capture from Scouts Canada apology video.


Elisabeth P.
Past Member 6 years ago

It's so sad that decent, moral and caring gay people are tarred with the brush of pedophilia when, ironically, pedophilia is almost invariably perpetrated by straight men, as is incest. Why then is there a perception that all homosexuals are pedophiles? Are all straight men pedophiles and incestuous? Are all Catholic priests pedophiles? Obviously not.

I've lived in many cities and counted many homosexuals as my friends. Those closest to me have minded my children. I found that preferable because they were so mindful of the responsibility, treated my kids with the utmost respect, and would have protected my kids with their life. Did I for one second think they would molest my kids while in their care? Not for a nanosecond!

I went out with a university professor a few times, a man of great prestige and kudos. Now there's someone I never trusted to be around my kids, and I soon discovered why. Turned out to be a major sexual deviate, as were his peers. Give me the gay guy any day!

Rebecca S.
Rebecca S6 years ago

thanks. and @ Joan only Scouts USA dosn't allow homosexuals. Scouts Canada allows them. The USA and Canadian organizations are very different.

Marianna B M.

shame shame and more shame

Chad A.
Chad Anderson6 years ago

Confidential settlements? Organizations like the scouts and the church should not settle-they should support the enforcement of the law.

Christine Stewart

Oh sure they are sorry, only after getting CAUGHT!

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

One hardly knows what to say......

Valarie Snell
Valarie Snell6 years ago

i am glad that they are making changes to their policies, and protecting the victim instead of the perpetrators

alex l.
alex l6 years ago

i don't get why organizations that hide child rapists are not taken to court as aiding and abetting.
they HELP the rapists get at kids.
i don't care who you are - priest, scout leader, pope whatever. you rape a kid, you and all who helped you, go to jail and have to live with that reality yourself.

why do they get a free pass?
i guess child-rape is seen as just as unimportant as the rape of women. in this case, the scouts org. seems to think giving the victim's parents money is ok.
didn't they use to do that in the old testament? you paid the rape victim's father because you had reduced the bride-price he could get for her. then they made her marry her rapist.
paying off the parents to shut up is half way there.


Theo C.
Theo C6 years ago

Only a bureaucrat could imagine that the reputation of an organization is more important that the protection of children. But we encourage and promote people who can make 'tough decisions' -- these become our lead bureaucrats -- ignoring the truth that sometimes people are that way, can make such decisions readily, because they simple don't care.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

Won't let openly gay people serve the organization but hide the child molesters. Shameful. When will people learn it's not the openly gay you need fear. Jerry Sandusky should be held up as an attestment to that fact.