Sea Lion With Gunshot Wound Crosses 8 Lanes of Traffic


Early on Sunday morning, a sea lion crossed eight lanes of traffic and a concrete median on busy California 101 before exiting at Broadway. Burlingame police and animal rescuers found the sea lion perched on a tree stump, as you can see here.

Amazingly, no accidents occurred while the sea lion was on the highway (certainly it was fortunate that it was 7:00 am on Sunday, rather than 7:00 pm on a Monday). “Drivers were calling us, saying ‘I swear I’m not drunk, but there’s a sea lion in the middle of the freeway,’ ” Burlingame police Cpl. Laura Terada noted.

“He couldn’t look more calm, like he owned the place,” Dustin Lorensen of the Peninsula Humane Society, which contracts with San Mateo County for wildlife rescue, commented. The sea lion has been named Broadway Bound and is female, say veterinarians, who also found that she has a gunshot wound on her face.

Marine Mammal Center spokesman Jim Oswald says that Broadway Bound has been too agitated to eat anything yet and is being treated for trauma to her jaw, apparently from the bullet. Oswald said that it is possible the sea lion may have algae poisoning, which could caused her to suffer from seizures and disorientation.

The sea lion is the second one with gunshot wounds that the Center has admitted this year. In 2010, the Center took in nine lions with gunshot wounds.

Wishing Broadway Bound a very swift recovery from all she’s been through.


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Photo by wolfpix


Patricia Saconi
Patricia Saconi4 years ago

Punish the shooter!!!!

Roseann D.
Roseann d4 years ago

Sounds like yet another great reason for gun control and definitely banning gun ownership for the aholes doing this.

Kayleigh Harter
Kayleigh Harter4 years ago

What kind of sociopathic sicko would shoot a sea lion in the face? That has to be illegal. I'm glad she was found and will be given the help she needs, but someone should be looking into the shooting, especially as this clearly isn't an isolated incident.

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

thank you

ann b.
Ann B5 years ago

Very glad she is now being looked after, pity these killing fools are every where.

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 5 years ago

So sad!!

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths5 years ago

Someone is shootong these animals. They need to be found and prosecuted.

Melanie Munda
Melanie Munda5 years ago

I wish someone would investigate on this. It's clearly that somebody is shooting the sea lion which is (I hope) illegal. Poor innocent animals!

Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth J5 years ago

Poor baby. Whose going around shooting defenseless sea lions? She must have a strong will to survive!