Seagull With Fish Hook Injury is Rescued With Cat Carrier

Written by Yvonne Amery of Auckland, New Zealand

On the way to the city one morning, I noticed a gull sitting at the edge of the road. I thought it was strange that he did not fly away with the noise of the car.

Coming home an hour later, the bird was still sitting in the same place. I realized something was wrong with him. This bird has a very strong beak, but I only worried about that for a moment. I was terrified a car would run him over.  I ran inside the house and grabbed a thick rug and the cat cage and approached the bird, which tried to back away. I noticed he was slower than I would have expected and therefore something was dreadfully wrong with him. Just then a neighbor came out of her house and I asked her to help. I had already asked two men to help but they did not want to.

I fully expected this woman would not help either but she got behind the bird and together we shepherded him against a fence. I took my chance and leapt upon him with the rug and, thankfully, he was caught. Getting him into the cage meant I had quite bad bites on my hand and arm but once he was safely inside, I felt so relieved.

I took him to the emergency vet where she x-rayed him and found he had two large fish hooks embedded between his wings. This was a wild creature, so there was no fee to pay for the operation to remove them.

Now when the gulls are flying over our house by the sea, I wonder if one of them is the dear one that I was able to save from pain and certain death. There was no time to spare so I did not get any photos of this beautiful creature.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

We are all God's creatures. We all deserve the same kindness and care. Thank you!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

Thanks, Yvonne for saving this poor gull! I am sure he is eternally grateful.

Donna F.
Donna F3 years ago


Lynn Carin LadySeastar
Lynn Carin3 years ago

Bless the people who help and care for animals that perhaps others do not care for... your complassion made a difference. THANK YOU

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch3 years ago

As was said earlier, "Those 2 men were useless"!

It just shows that it takes the compassion of women, to change the world.

Jeannie N.
Jeannie N3 years ago

What a great story :) Thanks for sharing!!

Ruhee B.
Ruhee B3 years ago

Thankyou and bless you for helping this poor creature.

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

I'm so glad you were able to save this lovely bird! As for those useless men, the bird is a much better creature than they are!