Watch a Happy Dog Find Her New Home! (VIDEO)

We’ve shown you a lot of rescues of dogs and cats from pet hoarders and puppy mills. Pretty depressing. 

But what happens after they are rescued? This is a video from one organization in Florida, Pet Rescue by Judy, which shows how a rescued border collie is trained in a foster home before finding her forever family.

It is an inspiring and upbeat story. If you have thought at all about adopting a dog, you’ll get charged up by watching Bonnie Belle learn to live in a family and then be adopted into her forever home.

Photo credit: Marshall 24
please note: the dog pictured above is not Bonnie


Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

Thanks for a story with a happy ending!

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago


Jaime Torquemada
Jaime Torquemada6 years ago

It is nice to see this dog, I am tired to see dogs used for collecting money, but why not use this videos how can a dog be happy if it helped and other people and then contributions will happen.

rossella d.

I cani sono la gioia di vivere impersonificata,meritano (come tutti gòi altri animali,ovviamente) solo amore e felicità..

Lori E.
Lori E6 years ago

Thank you for the video

Judi W.
Judi W6 years ago

How sad beautiful Bonnie had 5 homes in a year. I hope this forever family IS forever!! Bless her!!

Kate Kenner
Kate K7 years ago

I wish all dogs could have just one forever home. It fills my heart though to see a dog who has had a hard beginning get that second chance and get the love s/he so desired and needed.

michelle b.
michelle baldock7 years ago

I am involved in animal rescue in Australia and I can so easily relate to the emotional turmoil that a person goes through when fostering a dog and growing to love him or her then having too part with the dog so it can go to its Forever Home. I have had big dogs in my care for over a year at a time and it has broken my heart to part with them but as our applicaznts are screened I have to tell myself that they are going to a home where they will be loved and cherished.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

I am happy that it had a great ending; I hope would she be able to visit her other buddies every so often.

DORIS L7 years ago

I'd like to see a follow up story/video of this dog in his forever home.