Salma Hayek’s Generous Breasts

Salma Hayek’s breasts are in the news again, but not for what you might think.  Famous for being “busty,” Hayek was filmed breastfeeding a sick child in Sierra Leone by ABC News. Hayek was in Sierra Leone to support a tetanus-vaccination project and had this to say during her interview about her action:

“I thought about it, am I being disloyal to my child by giving your milk away?  And I actually think that my baby would be very proud to share her milk.  And when she grows up, I’m going to make sure that she continues to be a generous, caring person.  And I think that’s the best thing I can give her as a mother.”

Hayek then recounts a family story in which her great grandmother breastfed a stranger’s child in the street of her small village because the baby’s mother had no milk, and how affected she was by that story.

According to the Time article, men discourage women from breastfeeding because they believe women cannot have sex if they are still nursing. Hayek was consciously trying to promote breastfeeding in Africa through her actions because breastfeeding is the single most important strategy to lower infant mortality rates in Africa.

We’ll see if Hayek’s actions have any effect on attitudes about breastfeeding in Sierra Leone.  In the United States, Hayek’s public “cross-feeding” of another woman’s child sparked all kinds of debate from unconditional support to concerns over the class and race implications.  Yes, and yes.  However, what seems most important is that at that moment, a hungry child was fed.

As Hayek says during the interview:  “I was able to feed a baby who was very hungry”

Sometimes it can be that simple.

ABC News


Marie K.
Marie K9 years ago

Years ago, my own mother and baby brother were both very sick. Because of the medicine, my mother was not able to breastfeed my brother for about a week. And my brother was too sick to just start trying random formulas until we could find one his body could process. But my family was blessed that a friend of our family was willing to breastfeed my brother for that week, so we did not have to figure out what formula to try that would not make him sicker. My mother and brother both recovered and she continued breastfeeding him until he was an older toddler and could be weaned onto regular food.
Likewise, what Salma did is not just the gift of nutrition. For a sick child, breastmilk, with its perfect balance of nutrition and healthy dose of antibodies, can be the gift of life.

Betty C.
Betty C9 years ago

Salma,thank you.
God bless you and your family.

Charmaine Gonzalez
Marie Gonzalez9 years ago


Vernon Hilbert
Vernon Hilbert9 years ago


Pat L.
Pat L.9 years ago

Congratulations to a women who sees a need and fulfills it despite current USA social norms that do not accept breastfeeding another's child. I encourage her to donate her surplus milk to a milk bank for use with premature and high risk infants, something any nursing mother can do to help another child.

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis9 years ago

Hey, didn't someone do that for Moses?

Mary B.
.9 years ago

noted how awesome Praise the Lord for more proof breasts are not simply a sex image

Marilyn Brady
Marilyn Brady9 years ago

Beautiful article. Salma must be an extraordinary woman. Who cares what men think. Once again our body our decision.

Hilary S.
Hilary S9 years ago

Outstanding! The more pro-breastfeeding stories in the news the better!

Ski M.
Ski M9 years ago

Fabulous, generous, wonderful lady for being such an incredible lesson to other women. If you have spare milk, is there local milk bank you could donate to as some women are not blessed with such wonderful bodies.

Yes, time for men to realise that women's breasts are there for a beautiful and wonderful purpose, and a healthy woman allows the child to 'piggyback' on her immune system as well helping the baby fight disease as well as have a perfect diet.

The milk changes during a feed, starting rich in fats and proteins becoming more watery the longer the feed lasts. This really is the perfect system.