Sen. DeMint: Keep Gays, Unwed Moms Out of Public School

Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) is on a crusade, and it is one that goes well beyond a Republican takeover of Congress come November.  Sen. DeMint wants to make sure that gays and unwed pregnant women do not teach in public schools.  The crux of DeMint’s argument is that there can be no separation of moral issues from economic issues, and to the extent that some in the Republican party try and separate the two they do so at the party’s peril. 

For those who have paid attention to DeMint’s moral posturing in the past, these latest statements really come as no surprise.  DeMint has made similar proclamations, like the time in 2004 when he endorsed his state party’s platform that said openly gay teachers should be barred from teaching in public school.  For DeMint, the issue boils down to a government endorsement of “immorality.”

Senator DeMint is free to hold onto antiquated and bigoted beliefs in his personal life, but it is quite another thing for a U.S. Senator to openly advocate those positions as party platforms.  What is also very disturbing about these latest ramblings is the fact that the Senator insists on wrapping them in constitutional protections found in the First Amendment.  It’s not enough to call Sen. DeMint’s understanding of the First Amendment exercise and establishment clauses misguided.  It’s simply wrong and a sitting U.S. Senator should, by virtue of his employment, have a fundamental understanding of the law.

Finally, given the nature of the economic challenges still facing this country, equating a moral position with economic policy illustrates just how unqualified DeMint is for his job.  Yet, as we’ve seen throughout the primary cycle and his ability to practically grind Senate operations to a halt, DeMint holds a frightening amount of power in his party.  There’s no reason to think that a Republican victory in November will do anything but embolden this kind of empty and useless rhetoric and further distract from the problem solving that needs to take place.

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jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Absolutely right! Our public schools should be for ignoramuses such as Jim DeMint. Now lets have some nice private schools funded by the government where everyone who has some intelligence can go to get a GREAT education. A school system that will teach a student as a person and not a label. A school that will have all the proper equipment, supplies, and top notch teachers. A school with people who would never tolerate even a person such as Jim DeMint to be discriminated against. The man is a jerk and we should perhaps be sympathetic. Nah!

C H.
C C7 years ago

kick him out .. he does not deserve to be a senator. what about non-virgins, divorcee, people who date or married to someone half their age etc ...oh pleeease ... so long as the teachers are caring, teach well, have good attitudes and love the kids, who cares if they are gay, bi, ugly, fat, pretty or not????

Hope S.
Hope S7 years ago

I started out to research Jim DeMint and found something disturbing. Apparently there is a secretive group hiding behind religion to further their political agenda. Its members are Senators, Representatives, leaders of industry, and leaders of countries; all powerful men.

A complaint was filed with the Senate and House ethics committees alleging that Senators and
Representatives lodging in C Street received below market rents constituting "improper gifts from C Street Center, Inc., the entity that runs the house and is affiliated with the Fellowship, a shadowy religious organization. Among the Senatos named in the complaint is Jim DeMint. This was just scratching the surface;

There are interrelated "religious" organizations operating to promote into law the far right's "religious" agenda. They are very powerful and operate in secrecy. There is too much information to go into here.
Google: C Street, The Fellowship aka The Family and there are many other links within those sites.
To start you off here's info on The Fellowship:

Another site for info on The Secret Political Reach Of 'The Family:'

This is factual; not conspiracy theory. I think
our country is in grave danger. Let me know what you think.

Bart V.
Bart V.7 years ago

The religious right has never accepted the reality that freedom of religion doesn't include the right to deny, eliminate, or diminish; the rights of others. Ergo, the USA, usually always the torch bearer for civil rights & human dignity; has fallen behind many of her allies, & politicians have to placate the extremists for votes, unless they themselves happen to espouse outdated & discriminatory beliefs. If Jesus of nazareth were to appear tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. anywhere in a Bible belt region; true believers would be so disgusted with his liberal compassion; they would be turning him over to the INS by noon.

Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

Having your freedom of religion means that you are allowed to dislike, or even hate gay people, if that is what you think your religion suggests. The first amendment probably even allows politicians to SAY that certain "sinners" should not be allowed to teach. But there is no part of the first amendment that says you can pass legislation to discriminate against minorities. I am sure that's not what they meant when they said "free exercise [of religion]".

Ed G.
Ed G7 years ago

I have a friend who is gay and has a partner. They moved from Chicago to SC. I shook my head but remained silent as this guy is
very intelligent. I did persuade him not to move to a suburb of Chicago on the faw south west side as the place is riddled with questionable people. Just a few months ago the city had a jumbo hazardous event. SC does not sound like a nice place too be for gay people, next time I see him I will ask if the decision was correct. He may not have a complete view as he travels 80 percent of the time.

Kerry Stuparitz
Kerry G7 years ago

hateful and stupid

Morgan G.
Morgan Getham7 years ago

Fortunately, many of the new Republican candidates for congress disagree with DeMint that the federal government has any business telling the states how to run their schools. That is a major reason for the "Tea Party" revolt against the Republican "old guard" in the party. However they may feel about those issues personally, most of those candidates hold fast to the principle that the Constitution does NOT give the federal government the power to control local school policies. Such things, they say, should be local decisions. DeMint will NOT be able to get them to go along with legislation that mandates further federal controls on the local schools. They have promised their constituents that they would not do that.

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

This douche bag needs to mind his own business. People like him are so arrogant when they think they are holy enough to set a moral standard for everybody else.

Dan R.
Dan R7 years ago

So what about bisexuals, and those who it's known had sex but didn't get pregnant? We need to look more at spectrums or scales rather than putting everything in rigid categories. I see bisexuality as recognizing that there are scales, in sexuality and most everything. I feel that I chose bisexuality and where one is on that scale is largely a matter of the social context. So we have to ask ourselves, how do gays harm us or humanity nearly as much as the breeders do?