Sen. Gillibrand Renews Call For Paycheck Fairness Act

With Republicans insisting the war on women is a fiction created by Democrats, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) renewed her push for passage of a bill designed to close the “loopholes” in the Equal Pay Act and modernize fair pay laws to reflect the realities of today’s workforce.

“Women make up more than half the country’s population and more than half the workforce,” Sen. Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said during a conference call with reporters on the Paycheck Fairness Act. “Women are out-earning men in college degrees and advanced degrees. But … men are still out-earning women at work.”
Women make on average 77 cents on the dollar, with African-American women earning 68 cents and Hispanic women just 59 cents.

Gillibrand focused on her home state of New York and pointed out that the discrepancy is especially difficult in households wholly or partially dependent on the earnings of the mother, pointing to a recently released report showing working women in New York state earn 14.6 less than men doing comparable work.
Ms. Gillibrand said despite the Equal Pay Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which empowers women to pursue back-pay, “big corporations can still take advantage of an array of loopholes to pay women below their value.”

She said the Paycheck Fairness Act: Would mandate that employers prove any pay disparity is job related; would prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who share salary information with co-workers; strengthen punitive and compensatory damages; require the U.S. Department of Labor to improve outreach to employers to eliminate pay disparities; enhance the collection of wage information to address pay disparities, and create grant programs to strengthen the negotiation skills of girls and women.

Gillibrand continued: “We all know how fragile our economy is. And when women are shortchanged at work, that makes their families less secure and our entire economy less secure. If we paid women a dollar for every dollar a man earns, we could put more middle-class families on stable grounds and grow America’s Gross Domestic Product by as much as 9 percent. They key to economic strength is women. The key to out-innovating and out-building our global competition is women.”

A similar measure is in the House Workforce Protections Subcommittee.

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Robyn O.
Robyn O5 years ago

I really hate the term "equal pay for equal work" because most women work at jobs that are "women's work" that men don't do. It shouldn't be "equal work" but "comparable work", which is quite different. Even if two warehouse (one male, one female) workers who check off the numbers of boxes moved out of the warehouse, the employer could easily have the male worker lift heavy cartons and not the woman (to protect her?) and therefore the two jobs suddenly wouldn't be "equal". "Comparable" should be the proper distinction. I've worked in a lot of jobs, from retail to factoring to computer managerial to paralegal. Men always make more money in those jobs even though they are supposed to be open to anyone. Comparative positions have to be legally defined and regulations legally enforced.

Shawn O.
Shawn O5 years ago

If Romney the vulture parasite Capitalist wins with KLochroach money, we're screwed,the working poor doubly screwed, women triply screwed, the elderly will see Social Security dismantled, and only the superrich kids will go to college!!!

Howard Evans
Howard Evans5 years ago

Donate, volunteer, talk to anyone who'll listen. Women's rights across the board are on the line in this election. We have to keep the White House and the Senate, and take back the House and as many state legislatures as possible. 52% of the electorate isn't a minority and the only way we lose this fight is by surrendering.

We have only those rights we can defend; those and no more.

Kelly R5 years ago

More to come if (bite my tongue) Rommey wins. Our animals better watch out also. We better be ready to support All the rescues and shelters out there because You Know he will gut their help from the government!

Phillipa W.
Phillipa W5 years ago

what I can't get over is that this discrepancy in pay is a left-over from when it was expected that all women had children. If anything there should be a bias towards paying women more because it could be expected they'd be having children and would need to support them. Children or not - do the work get the pay. It should be that simple and it's surprising there haven't been laws made in the past to address this and it continues.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

Nancy R which planet did you fall from. You have obviously not worked much or you would not have made the lame brain comment that you did.

I have worked over 41 years in various levels of management including executive management and I know women, including myself, that worked more hours, nights, weekends than any of our male counterparts, out in the bars or playing golf. In fact most women are better at multi-tasking so we wore more hats than our male counterparts, hence has way more responsibilities. It is women like you that are harming women moving forward and give energy to the war on women. Wake up fall the lies the males in your life are feeding you; you are way too brainwashed..

Angela N.
Angela N5 years ago

thank you :)

Leisha Wharfield
Leisha Wharfield5 years ago

I'm a woman. I belong to the largest majority of people on the planet. I'm not asking for equality. I demand it.

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

Thank you Senator Gillibrand!

Carole L.
Carole L5 years ago

nancy R
“Again the reason of this happening is because of all the women who gets a job without having to go through the same steps as the men have to and without having to do the same job and the same hours while at work and with more vacation time as the men.”

No, the reason this is happening is because all women want is to be the same as men for doing “the same job”. You obviously are not paying attention.

Not only do women get paid less, they get charged more for insurance policies. When I graduated from hs one of the local Life Insurance co. ‘gave’ our graduating class life insurance. Well, one day a salesman from that co came to our house and told me there had been a mistake on my policy. That I had been charged the premium that a male pays, which is less than what women pay, so he was “adjusting it” to the higher bracket. I kid you not.