Senate Candidate Who Called Women ‘Manophobic Feminist She-Devils’ Must Resign

“Men Of Quality Do Not Fear Equality” was my favorite sign from the Women’s March in San Francisco on January 20.

Courtland Sykes, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, would certainly not agree with this. 

Last week he posted on Facebook his thoughts on women’s place in society. He opened with his desire for a home-cooked dinner prepared by his fiancé every night at 6, “one that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives – think Norman Rockwell here and Gloria Steinem be damned.”

But that’s just the beginning. After rejecting “radical feminism’s crazed definition of modern womanhood,” he declared that he doesn’t want his daughters to become “career obsessed banshees who forego home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she-devils.”

You can read the rest of Sykes’s classy manifesto here.

But contrary to what Sykes seems to believe (or is pretending to believe in a Colbert-like political stunt), being a feminist does not mean that you hate men. Shocking, I know.

Sykes is using outrageous language to stir up a response, and it’s hard to believe he actually thinks such a bizarre diatribe would get him elected. But then again, our sitting president rose to the top with similar rhetoric. Trump has perfected the art of stirring up divisive thoughts and Sykes is following his lead, using the kind of thinking that Trump has not only created, but has also allowed to flourish.

It is dangerous and it must be stopped.

Kelsey Bourgeois has created a Care2 petition demanding that Courtland Sykes resign from the U.S. Senate race in Missouri.

As she points out, his kind of thinking “keeps women from self-determination, whether that be in the kitchen or the boardroom or BOTH.”

Bourgeois goes on, “If we’ve learned anything from the fact that Trump got elected, it’s that these kinds of candidates are scary and dangerous,” and her petition calls for an end to his campaign before it gets going.

The petition has already garnered almost 17,000 signatures from Care2 members who agree that Sykes’s campaign should not be able to move forward.

His LinkedIn account reveals that he worked for the military for a decade, first as an analyst for the Navy and later for the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sykes is originally from Arkansas and had been a permanent resident of Missouri for less than a year when he signed up to become a Senate candidate last September. 

He is one of four Republican candidates seeking to challenge two-term Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in the November mid-terms. If you check out his Facebook page, you’ll find that he compares McCaskill to the character Ursula from Disney’s “Little Mermaid.”

Sykes’s Facebook post was drawn from a written response he sent to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last year for a feature story on him.

According to the paper, some other gems include, “Big media has become too many dumb blondes, too many leg dangles, too many tee-hees, too many hate-Trump stories, too much ‘fake news,’ too many left-biased reporters, too much mud-slinging,” and a call for a ban on “Muslim immigration,” since he is against “Muslims – and their Koran.” Sound familiar?

Take Action

This man is dangerous and must be stopped.

If you agree with Bourgeois, please sign her Care2 petition demanding that Courtland Sykes be forced to resign from the U.S. Senate race in Missouri.


Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube video


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Petition alredy signed thanks for sharing

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Leanne Kabout a year ago

Hes been perfecting that pose in the mirror a bit too long... we are more educated than ever and dumber than ever

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Mike A, the article is about a U.S. Senate candidate, not about Muslims. Please stay on topic. Besides, if you look at Paulianity (you know - the people who follow Paul's teachings rather than Jesus'), you'll see misogyny. Women can't talk in church, they must submit to their husbands, etc. Not much different.

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he may look good on the outside but not the inside! what a total creep.

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He sounds like a genuine jerk.

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Thank you

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