Senate Republicans Block Border Security Funds

Back in June Progressives complained that President Obama was moving too far to the right on immigration instead of taking advantage of the legislative majority enjoyed by Democrats.  These complaints came after news that the administration was requesting an additional $600 million from Congress for border security.  The funds were to be spent hiring approximately 1000 Border Patrol agents, acquiring two drones to fly security missions along the Southwest border, pay for an additional 160 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and extra Border Patrol canine teams–the very things the administration had been attacked by the right for failing to do.

So guess who just blocked those funds.

Senate Republicans voted to not include the border security emergency funds for the states.  Prior to reaching the Senate the House had passed a bill that added a $100 million to the border security emergency funds.

Of the key votes against providing the extra funds for security were Arizona Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, both Republicans and both vocal critics of the federal government’s efforts to secure the border between Arizona and Mexico and have specifically urged the federal government to provide more help to states in the form of law enforcement resources.

Given the recent arrest of a Republican donor for human trafficking and the blatant racism posing as immigration policy coming from the right, this particular vote shows a stunning hubris, even by Republican standards. So far the Republican party line has been “we’ll work with the administration when we know they are serious about securing our borders.”  If $600 million for law enforcement alone is not serious, then I invite the Republicans to offer up some examples of what are.  Until then the GOP will continue to be the party of “NO!”, even on when the legislative efforts support its own platform.

photo courtesy of O.Cosma via Flickr


Guy Kimble
Guy Kimble7 years ago

Politics shouldn't come before human safety. The border must be secure for Americans to feel that the goverment is taking the border problems serious. Drug Cartels are a major problem for Mexico and will be for the U.S as well unless the border is secured.

James R. Stewart Jr.

It begins to look like republicans are Against Everything, and For Nothing.

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

We do need to secure the border but I doubt it will be 100 percent effective.

Karen C.
Karen C7 years ago

I hope this gets more national attention. I hadn't heard that Republicans blocked the vote. Shouldn't the electorate be aware of this issue. Where is the White House? Let's be clear on why we need a Democrat majority in November.

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

I did check and on 8/12 they said it had passed. It is hard to keep fighting these politicians that are clearly out for their own agenda and keep hope alive. I do believe if every individual took a stand and made some noise things could change. Peace.

Sherylee Harper
Sherylee Harper7 years ago

Republican obstructionism! They whine about what the President is not doing and they are the reason little is getting done.

Barack Obama's television interview broadcast this morning was a blessing!

I fail to comprehend what people see in the Republican party that is worthy of support.

Joy D.
Joy D.7 years ago

I would like to state, "we don't need funding" we need manpower, wisdom, sense of duty et al.

Veronica F.
Veronica F7 years ago

Mmmmmmmmmmmm ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ... the smell of the Hysterical Right's hypocrisy ... REFRESHING!

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander7 years ago

I also knew that this has been taken care of. In fact the drones have already starting being used. Thanks Stephen A. bring up the facts.

John C.
Past Member 7 years ago

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