Senator Calls Wife’s Police Call “90% Emotion”


Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan is getting a lucky break after the police were called to his house over an alleged domestic dispute situation.  His wife has decided not to press charges, leaving the local legislator in the clear.

But he probably expected that.  After all, according to Jordan, his wife just got a little overly emotional, like girls tend to be.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on the disturbance, stating that Jordan’s wife contacted the cops after her husband allegedly pushed her around and threw some things, something he had been prone to do over the prior two years, especially if he had been drinking.

Jordan, meanwhile, blew off the allegations, saying “girls” tend to overreact and get emotional.

“She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

The 34-year-old senator went on to say the incident was “90 percent emotion.”

“I threw some things on the ground, but I didn’t hit her or anything,” he said. “So she’s all worked up about who knows.”

On the recording, Sen. Jordan tells deputies that he works at the Statehouse, “until she gets me thrown out of office,” he said. “Over (expletive) not cleaning the upstairs … and then me pushing some towels over and some other stuff over.”

If Jordan keeps this type of behavior up, he might eventually be eligible for the NRCC Young Guns program.

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Janet S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Emotion is what the Senator was not able to control in himself, aggressive, angry emotion, handled in a way that even young children learn (are taught) is not helpful to solving problems.
the emotion of fear that resulted in her calling the police is a healthy response to threat, and her action is a healthy action to end the threat. She should leave him, and he should get some psychological counselling. It does no one any good to call him names, he needs help, and I hope he is able to get good help for his way of handling stress to be an emotional outburst.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

see people, this is what real being mean is, real harassment and abuse. not being called a ninny on this site.

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

hope she gets help and gets out safely before he becomes even more can anyone (male or female) with common sense, compassion or a brain ever vote for this jerk again?????

Henri DeToi
Henri DeToi6 years ago

OK Sharon; but you could be right about the senator. It's was certainly not a good way to act. What a baby!

Henri DeToi
Henri DeToi6 years ago

Anyone who is smart does not shack up without some domestic contract of some sort; otherwise take a hike!

It's ok if each contributed 50/50, but I hate it when some bimbo who would be nothing financially without the other runs away with half.

Sharon P.
Sharon S6 years ago

Henri, the comment about possibly being an abuser, if not now, then soon, was not directed @ you, it was directed @ the senator. Please reread the comment-I said-As for the dear Senator etc. As for the remark that by someone else that they hope she comes to her senses & divorces him, that part I totally agree with, as for the last part, I believe she should only get 1/2 of his assets, as per the family laws. I don't agree with either party in a divorce taking the other for everything. I do believe in fairness for all.

Janice S.
Janice S6 years ago

What a jerk!! If he really is abusive , then he should go to jail. If he isn't actually "abusive" yet-- he seems to be headed in that direction. She should divorce him and he should be kicked out of office. We do not need senators who throw tantrums.

Becky C.
Becky C6 years ago

What an effing prick. Another embarrassment to the state of Ohio

Henri D.
Henri DeToi6 years ago

''Again I hope she comes to her senses, divorces him, and takes most of what he owns.''

Sounds much like a gold digger to me!

Henri D.
Henri DeToi6 years ago

Sharon P. wrote: ''Meant to say that is sounds as if you haven't already assaulted your wife, you will do so very soon''.

Although you don't know me from a hole in the gound, now you suspect from what I wrote that I might be a wife beater, or if not, that I will do so very soon. Would you be the one to have your knickers in a knot regarding men in general? - Would you put me in jail just in case I might assault my wife? - Talk about preventive detention pushed to the limit!