Senator Scott Brown Heading For Afghanistan

Republican Senator Scott Brown, who was famously elected to the U.S. Senate in January 2010 to replace the late Edward M. Kennedy, is being sent to Afghanistan.

Brown Will Serve Two Weeks In Afghanistan

According to

Sen. Brown will be serving for two weeks in Afghanistan this summer. He asked to fulfill his two-week required annual service in Afghanistan.

Brown’s spokesperson said Brown requested that he serve in Afghanistan. This is not a deployment.

Brown’s office does not have the exact date or region for the service.

“Doing So Will Help Me To Better Understand Our Ongoing Mission”

Brown, a 31-year member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, who currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, released a statement:

“As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Massachusetts Army National Guard, I have service obligations that I fulfill each year. Following in the tradition of other lawmakers who have completed their military service requirements overseas, this year I have requested to conduct my annual training in Afghanistan. Doing so will help me to better understand our ongoing mission in that country, and provide me first-hand experience for my duties on the Senate Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs committees.”

Over 30 In Guard, But Never Before Served In A War Zone

Brown has been in the Guard since 1979, but he has never served in a war zone. His service this summer will come around the July set by President Obama for beginning to start removing some of the 132,000 US troops stationed in Afghanistan.

The 51-year-old Brown joined the Guard in March 1979, and is today a member of the judge advocate general’s corps, where he works as the military equivalent of a lawyer.

Brown Up For Reelection Next Year

Interestingly, the Republican is up for reelection next year, when he will be seeking his first full six-year term. Could this have anything to do with the timing of his announcement today?

And does serving two weeks help to really understand what the soldiers on active duty are going through, and thus enable Brown to better inform the Senate Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veteran Affairs committees?

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Medill DC via Creative Commons


Roger Nehring
Roger Nehring6 years ago

I wish the entire Republican portion of the house and senate would serve a full deployment in Afghanistan.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Republicans have launched their WAR AGAINST SOCIETY.
Economic sabotage is the essential Republican strategy for winning in 2012. They will block every effort to actually improve the economy they can, and make a big show out of criticizing any economic aid they can't block.

Karen F.
karen Friedman6 years ago

I guess he is going to give more of our jobs to the Afghanistani people.

susan twentyeight
Past Member 6 years ago

Anyone who advocates war should have to fight it themselves. Give 'im a tattered vest and drop 'im in the field with the rest of the Corporate Raiders, heh..

Glenn S.
Glenn S6 years ago

I think ALL members of the legislative branch should have to serve in the military at least 1 month overseas in active war zones. (I also think they should have to retire without retirement benefits and on MediCare - but that is another issue...)

Sarah B.
Sarah B6 years ago

He's no worse than any other politician really when it comes to the publicity stunts... but the fact he parades himself around as "the people's politician" w/ the pick up truck facade while being propped up by the Koch's & voting against his constituents' will makes me disrespect this man as a hypocrite of the highest caliber. Political ads have already begun running against his re-election more than a year in advance so it will most certainly be an intense campaign... but hey, that's what he told Koch when he was thanking him & begging for more money right?

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

Not the best idea to go to Afghanistan given that Osama Bin Laden is no longer amongst the living and is currently decomposing in several hundred metres of water feeding the fishes and the bone eating snot flowers. So expect some high jinx from Al Qaida as they send their whacky assassins to dispatch him with exploding underpants or they will just ignore him.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

He would be a high-value target, and as such would put the other members of his troop in danger. But of course the publicity is worth more to him than the safety of the troop.

Shar F.
Sharon F6 years ago

Just what you would expect from a neo-con who is into war-mongering. Spending excess amounts of fuel and creating more air pollution for a political show (for the duped).

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago

thanks for the post.