Senators Celebrate Mikulski As Longest Serving Woman in Congress

The good news is that Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski is receiving the praise she is due.  As the longest serving female in congress, the Maryland politician has broken ground for all the women who will follow in her footsteps.

The bad news is that so few still have.

This week the senate celebrated Mikulski’s 35 years in office.  With more than 12,800 days in Congress under her belt in both the House and Senate, she’s seen a great deal of change since she was sworn in in 1987.  But not nearly enough.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated in his tribute, “The Senate has come pretty far, with 17 women now serving.”   But sadly, that’s a sad 17 percent of the senate, and the House percentages of representation is just as dismal.  At a time when women make up over 50 percent of the population, is less than one fifth of Congress really that “far?”

In the 2010 elections, the number of women decreased for the first time.  Thanks to special election wins, that number stabilized, but we’re heading into another election where women candidates need to be supported.

Women deserve more than 17 percent.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons


KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Anne K.
Anne K5 years ago

Growing up in Baltimore, she was a household name. I have admired her for many years.

Geynell Eskite
Geynell Eskite5 years ago

I live in Baltimore and occasionally try to send her an email telling her how much we love her. She is "the little engine that could". She not only cares about Marylanders, but time and time again, co-sponsors bills for equality and animal rights. She is fearless and I adore her.

J.L. A.
j A5 years ago

A trailblazer...but fewer can follow when the money for campaigns now are primarily corporate and mega-wealth, where males dominate demographically even more...even 'modern' firms like Expedia have no women on their boards of directors........

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

Good point! No need for term limits.

Jacobo V.
jacobo Van5 years ago

Please request the assistance of Elizabeth Warren in assurances that this pipeline is going to have minor impact on those around its path in case of ruptures. God bless

Shelley B.
Shelley Birnbaum5 years ago

I'm from Maryland and used to be a big supporter of her, until she voted for NDAA and when I wrote her her reply was a ridiculous excuse. She will never get my vote again.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

i saw a newstory about her the other day, i was in awe of her passion when they showed a snipet of her going off about women's rights. i love that she stands strong for civil rights, we need more people like her in our government

Bee Hive
Fiona O5 years ago

Congratulations dear lady. I am sure you had to put up with a bunch of stinkers.

Samantha Shira
Samantha Shira5 years ago

(: thanks for the article.