Serbian Teacher Saves 500 Shelter Dogs

With all of the tragic news about animals out there, it’s nice to be able to share this uplifting story that shows the positive side of human nature. 

A teacher in Serbia came to the aid of 500 homeless dogs and puppies that had been fending for themselves at an animal shelter after their caretaker died tragically in a house fire.

PETA reported last week that a teacher from the Backa Topola region of Serbia contacted their office in the United States to ask for help for the 500 dogs and puppies that were left alone after the woman who cared for them died.

The teacher was familiar with the shelter because she had taken her students to visit the facility.  The animal shelter is the only one in the entire region and the teacher feared the animals would starve to death.

PETA officials put the unnamed teacher in touch with a Serbian animal rights organization called Freedom for Animals and the group went into action contacting the media about the plight of the dogs.

Within a week, the Serbian government reconnected electricity to the animal shelter, donations of food poured in from the public, a veterinarian examined and vaccinated all of the dogs and began the process of spaying and neutering them. 

Freedom for Animals is now working to find adopted homes for each of the dogs.

“Never doubt that just one person can make a difference. If you see an animal in trouble, get involved. Your actions can save lives,” said Michelle Sherrow, PETA writer. 


Photo from: PETA


Ekeim Teeuwisse
Ekeim Teeuwisse7 years ago

please read this update :

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

That teacher deserves all the praise possible for taking quick action. Hope it's possible to find out more about her/him and maybe see an interview here at Care2.

Arnaud H.
Arnaud Henseval7 years ago

Merci aux personnes qui sont intervenues

caterina c.

****** ASSOLUTAMENTE SIIIIIIIIII...!!!.********..YES ...!!!...the action of one person can help to change the world... the teacher...the of you and all the others together...we're working to do change the world... *cat

klemens o.
klemens okkels7 years ago

that was good.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

God bless you teacher and family. thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman7 years ago

never doubt the huge difference just one person can make......

Shirley Elliott
Shirley Elliott7 years ago

I just LOVE this story ..... so often people use the excuse that they can't make a positive difference ... apathy is sadly rife in this world. How wonderful to hear that ONE person had the compassion to get involved and get help for these animals. My heartfelt thanks to her and everyone who assisted her. This story has made my day!!!

Ashley N.
Ashley N7 years ago

Wow! Way to go! One by one until there are none!

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan7 years ago

Thank god for good people