Sexist Men Make More Money: A New Equally Unjust Wage Gap Revealed

Equal pay for equal work.

This concept does not sound too unreasonable or radical to me, especially in this day and age, but alas this is not the case. On average women today only earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. African American and Hispanic women earn even less – 58 cents for Latina women and 70 cents for Black women.

If this wasn’t unjust enough, get a load of this – men with sexist views earn more money.

A US study has revealed that men with more “traditional views” on the work and home roles of women – AKA sexists views – earn on average about $8,500 a year more than men with less “traditional views.”

Over 12,500 men and women participants were interviewed four times from 1979-2005 and asked questions like:

  • Is a woman’s place in the home?
  • Do working mothers increase juvenile delinquency?
  • Should the man be the main achiever outside the home?
  • Should the woman be mainly concerned with caring for home and family?

The study also found that between married couples, the earnings gap between husband and wife was eight times greater in couples where both partners held “traditional views” compared to those who both held egalitarian views.

On the flip side, women who held sexist views themselves earned less (not more like their sexist male counterparts) than women with the opposite views – $1,500 a year less. 

So sexist men earn more. Sexist women earn less. And women with more equal views of gender roles still earn less than both sexist and non-sexist men.

No matter which way you slice it women’s salaries lose up against men’s and the impact is grave.

Did you know that over the course of a lifetime a female college graduate will earn $1.2million less than her male peers? Or that the difference in income between men ($23.4 trillion) and women ($10.5 trillion) annually worldwide is $13 trillion?

This is not something to take lightly. Women are being cheated out of thousands and thousands of dollars every year just because they are women. How will our daughters or granddaughters fare?

What do you think about this new wage gap and better yet what can we do about it?

Image by Seattle Municipal Archives used with a Creative Commons license


Kathy F.
Kathy F.6 years ago

Could it be Law of Attraction? If you BELIEVE men sould be the main breadwinner in the family, the man in your family WILL earn more. Also could this be part of the reason for the whole gender gap? If these traditional families are included in the equation when we calculate what men & women earn, it will bring down the average income of women making the gender gap appear larger. I'm curious what the numbers would say if we calculated the earnings, only counting people with egalitarian views. Just Sayin'

MEE Techy
MEE Techy6 years ago

women should join more 'secret' sexist movements to understand what is needed .. men are secretive, sneaky, have a secret love for men only .. men want men .. men need women to bare children & be a free house slave.

James M.
James M6 years ago

I keep receiving a lot of personal messages concerning this article though I have not hitherto commented on it. If sexist men really do earn more, it may be with the blessing of sexist women. My experience has been that many sexist men are sugar daddies. At one firm where I worked, a biological abstracting company that went under in 2004, the company gave itself a non-discriminatory image through the fact that sugar daddies like to promote cupie doll type women. Of course, by promoting women, in many cases the jobs are cheapened, but cupie dolls would never know this. At this company, I applied for a group leader position. I was called in for a talk with the department head and bluntly told that while I was by far the more skilled, they were promoting a cutesy because it would be cheaper. They wanted to make setting up the new group a promotion, so they could promote her from level 6 to level 7, while I was already at level 7, and hiring me would mean starting me at level 8. I was interviewed at a law firm. I met a young woman from Belize with whom I took several course. They told me similar things. With my doctorate and languages, I would want more. They hired her in 1993. All the yellow page ads for the firm show a group of male partners and a cutesy smiling permanent associate. And cupie dolls dislike non-sexist men.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

I can hate everyone or pretend to. I could be a billionair.

Will W.
Will Will6 years ago

What about sexist women? How about those sexist feminists who constantly go on about how females are superior to males. Is that not sexist? What about all women colleges and countless organizations which exclude men. Are those not sexist? What about being inclusive?

Equality in feminism is only invoked when it is convenient to them, and then abandoned when it is inconvenient. Feminism is a female superiority movement which sounds pretty sexist to me.

Sage R.
Sage R.6 years ago

'Is there a correlation between men's sexist views and their higher likelihood of working in higher paying, traditionally male-dominated fields? My partner has very egalitarian views and works as a teacher-- I don't think he could stomach working in some kind of finance or other earth-damaging and people-manipulating kind of field.'

YES, I think there is! The areas you name are classically old-boy-network dominated. When will men wake up and realize that keeping anyone down is the same as keeping us all down! It's only a matter of time before the volcanic rage of women surfaces...and it is THIS that terrifies these sexist men so much...!

Anastasia F.
Anastasia F6 years ago

Is there a correlation between men's sexist views and their higher likelihood of working in higher paying, traditionally male-dominated fields? My partner has very egalitarian views and works as a teacher-- I don't think he could stomach working in some kind of finance or other earth-damaging and people-manipulating kind of field.

Kate Florio
Kate F6 years ago

i meant to delete the statement at 8:20, but pushed the add button by mistake...
it is common knowledge that men have significantly less to worry about, on an everyday basis, than women do, thus they can put more energy into their jobs/careers.

So, what can we do about it? Nothing...we just have too much else on our plate. Just like a lot of species out there, the male gets the 'bread' and the female feeds/cares for the kids.

Another thing about a lot of species...they won't propagate as much, unless conditions are favorable...we shouldn't either. WOMEN, CLOSE YOUR LEGS...if at all possible, so that you won't end up in a huge financial disadvantage!!!!!

CELEBRATE YOUR DAUGHTERS is still the crux here. The higher the self-esteem of a person, the more she will take care of herself...either by picking a mate who will respect, protect and provide, or by skipping the whole thing and staying single and celibate and/ or protected!!!

Kate Florio
Kate F6 years ago

whoever is in the seat of power is going to get the higher wage,
whoever gets a good education will get a higher wage,
whoever has a certain anatomy will get a higher wage.
Add all 3 of those up and you get the american

iii q.
g d c6 years ago

so why do women keep trying harder, and still get less???