Share Your Story To Help Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining

For over 30 years, the federal government has looked the other way while banks and coal companies have decimated one of the oldest and most biologically diverse areas of the United States–Appalachia.

In some Appalachian counties, nearly a quarter of the land has been permitted for surface coal mining. Now, Earthjustice has launched a major campaign that gives people a chance to stand up for fellow Americans who are suffering the consequences of the terrible destruction of mountaintop removal mining.

The Mountain Heroes series is a chance for all Americans to hear the stories of people who live near mountain top removal sites, and are fighting to stop it.

Concerned citizens are invited to listen to audio recordings of Sid Moye, Donetta Blankenship, and Karen Woodrum: just a few of the people who have watched mountain top removal threaten or destroy their homes, properties, streams, mountains, and in some cases, their health too.

You are welcomed to join the fight against mountain top removal by uploading your own photo with a short message about why you want o save the mountains and waters of Appalachia.

Earthjustice will send these images to the EPA as a public photo petition to stop mountaintop removal mining.

In April, the EPA took an unprecedented step toward reining in coal polluters by issuing draft guidelines that would reduce negative water quality impacts from mountaintop removal. But now the EPA is again under political and legal attack from coal companies and politicians who are profiting from the destruction.

TAKE ACTION: Tell The EPA To Stand Firm In Restricting Mountain Top Removal

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JOSE Honr4 years ago

Save the mountaintops.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

You know what gets me? what is rarely said? It's not only the health aspects of the polluted streams and rivers, but these greedy coal companies, who find it easier (more profitable) to blow the tops off mountains than to slowly dig the coal out, ... are forever changing the look of America, our actual topography. I camped in the Appalachians for decades, and they are beautiful mountains -- the whole look is different and ugly now. I am sick about this. Once a mountain is gone, ... it's GONE!

This said, I am for NO MORE coal mining in any form. We must transition to green energy now, and retrain miners for other union jobs. (Course for that to happen, we'd have to have a Congress who actually gives a damn about workers and a living wage.)

Kimberly M.
Kimberly M7 years ago

Thank you for making us aware of this issue :O)

Ramona Thompson
Ramona Thompson7 years ago

So if so many oppose this, politicians need to listen.

Alternative is for those politicians who will not vote to support stopping mountain top removal to have to live in the area with their families for one month.

In your comments to your Congressman/Senators tell them you require those who vote against mountain top removal to live 30 days with their families in a mountain top removal area during the removal.

When someone has to "live it" day in and out, then sometimes their opinions change.

Both of my grandfathers were coal miners in another state. They both died due to mining health related issues. They suffered in their daily struggles to make coal mining safer and to gain fair pay.

(One of my grandfathers was paid twenty-five cents a day. The other started being hitched to a car and pulled it through the dark mines at 9 years of age.)

They lay on their bellies in the bowels of the earth, digging out black rock, breathing coal dust, so others could be warm.

Make mine owners accountable and responsible. Miners deserve this and more. People should not have their beautiful lands destroyed by coal barons.

Kha Bliss
Past Member 7 years ago

I live in the mountains and hearing about this is just depressing. Yes, stop this action of destroying our planet now!

Carmen Ares
Carmen Ares7 years ago


Kathy Williams7 years ago

My mother's family is from Wise county Virginia. It sickens me to see all the destruction of those most beautiful mountains & to hear the sad but proud voices of the Appalachian people asking for someone to hear them. How can any American refuse their cries? I ask everyone of you to do something-write your senators, call the white house, email all you can They have the right to clean water, clean air and to their heritage. STOP MTR. Let's stop America from becoming the country known for greed at the expense of its own people and the gift of the mountains from God. Only by working together, can we stop the unreasonable adverse effects on the environment before it is too late!

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons7 years ago

There are better ways to get coal than blowing the tops off of mountains that put more people to work. If you have ever seen the beauty of a mountain it would sicken you to think of it being destroyed forever.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons7 years ago

nuclear energy is not safe and definitely not clean they have no place to put the waste and they also have to mine for the nuclear materials.

James Morrow
James Morrow7 years ago

"COAL, what is it good for, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, say it again...."