Sharron Angle Sings Greenwood and Other Tax Day Videos

It’s Tax Day Weekend, the Tea Party’s time to shine.  Here’s a collection of videos from Tax Day rallies across the country with some of your favorite Tea Party figures.  From Sharron Angle’s “Proud to Be an American,” Tim Pawlenty’s Donald Trump impression and Michele Bachmann’s firm promise to repeal “Obamacare,” it’s a Tax Day weekend to remember.

Sharron Angle performs on the street

Tim Pawlenty stumps in Iowa

Ralph Reed discusses election spending in 2012

Michele Bachmann in South Carolina: “If the election were held today, Barack Obama would go down in flames…metaphorically speaking.”


Photo from Gage Skidmore [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



Why ban Angle; DO we have free speech or not!? Check out and see bullying!

Check out, and see BOTH parties are married to corporations! Especially investigate "leadership PACs", giant slush funds.

We've had fascism-defined by Mussolini as not getting a knife edge between government and business- in the US for 80 years. E.g. FDR started the Farm Bill to "help" farmers, but it doesn't help me! I'm too small! It was based on acreage, so it could "help" his buddy Rockefeller, who owned (and they still own) vats acreages! What about now? Obama and his Monsanto appointee Vilsack!?

Monsanto is just about the most evil corporation there is! What about the food "safety" bill, opposed across the political spectrum, that got rammed through late last year? My congressman said he never got so many calls, yet it was passed--it helps Monsanto, because it's all about CONTROL, not safety! I am glad the Republicans are considering not funding that bill.

Read "Gangs of America" for more info on corporations, "Murder by Injection" (free pdf) for info on Rockefellers, and go go for info on farm issues (incl Monsanto). Did you know, part of the US agreement w-Iraq was that their farmers destroy their own native seeds and buy Monsanto!?

Louise D.
Louise D6 years ago

Having had a 64 year old Tea Bagger bully me on this site, shows that there is a common theme to the Tea Party. The lies they come out with and it is all being paid for by certain Billionaires and if you don't agree with them they just bully you. So looking at this lot it would be far better to put them in a giant meat grinder and serve them up for the next Tea party barbeque.

Doug D.
Doug D6 years ago

I hope they all run for election and blow tons of money.

Ralferd F.
Ralferd F6 years ago

It is strange to hear that government workers are lazy bums who are getting salaries they don't really deserve. Some Congress members may be lazy bums, and some government workers, too, but most of them serve us well.

To me it is plain that the ones who are skimming a major share of the wealth of USA are not the workers serving in "big government".

The ones who are skimming the giant share of the wealth produced by US workers are the CEOs with salaries running into several millions of dollars, plus bonuses also running to a milllion or so and stock options in addition. This is money that should have gone and should be going into increases of workers' wages and bonuses for workers - and taxation to repair the US's deterioriating infrastructure.

Wait until some of the Interstate highway bridges start collapsing due to the lack of maintenance and under the burden of the endless traffic they carry. It will be a day when there will be a a cry of great distress asking, "Why didn't the government do something about it?" This cry will arise especially from the people who worked zo hard for tax cuts and less goverrnment and succeeded all too well.

lyn L.
l L6 years ago

You know; it's good to watch the history channel and modern marvels. I learned things I never knew. For one all the yack Michele Backman rants about co2 and it's not true? I wondered with her being in congress and on that subject, why doesn't she know what is being done with greenhouse gasses and how that some companies have banded together to solve the problem and have broken down the elements of this stuff and re cycled it and used it for something else and has eliminated the co2 problem. Why is she worrying us with lies when this is being solved and taken care of by these many different companies working together, resolving the issues. Alot of deception going on. Modern marvels and history channel. check them out.

lyn L.
l L6 years ago

I am glad many more americans are learning about taxation. The more we understand this; when candidates that are the above come for your vote, so they can get a padded job in government-- and the talk about less taxes; we will be better versed at making better decision, when we understand taxation.. You see they get the padded jobs in government and then call us lazy bums as they take all the money for themselves and corps. They are being interviewed by us the employers and its time we do a better job at employing. How can the employee, turn around and call us lazy bums and say our government isn't suppose to help us. It's our government and it was invested in to help america and americans. It's citizens government of---the people,---by the people----FOR the people. Let US remember that, as they tell US we can't depend on government-- It's the people of america's government. Not their personal biggy bank.

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

It's amazing how low the least common denominator has fallen in this county.

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

So Bachmann's idea of conservative values is sucking up to big corporations and dumping all over the middle class and below? These people cheering her on must be really out of touch.

These guys make conservative a dirty word.

James B.
Jay B6 years ago

Who let the wacko Tea Party Republicans out of their padded cells? Shame on you for what you have cast upon America.

Ronald N.
Ronald N6 years ago

Well, I'd have to agree with most of the comments. The Tea Party and Republicans are in denial. This is the state of the nation folks. With the Republicans holding the House, we are in a bit of a ride. Our President, unfortunately can only do so much as we seem to be in a nation full of errors brought on by all the worst possible players in politics and finance. The choices we have now sadly are an incremental and slow pace. Because the wealth of the nation refuses to pay it's taxes, reform seem impossible. I can see why the Koch Brothers helped these Tea Party favorites. They are a joke to society and the followers are nothing but, to say the least, brainwashed!