Sheep Survives Fire and Gives Birth to Miracle Lamb

After narrowly escaping death when the bushfires raged across Victoria, Australia earlier this year, Bridget the sheep found herself in another life or death situation.

Still singed and blackened from the fire, her horrifically broken back leg flopped around beneath her as she hobbled across the paddock. Predicting a hopeless future, the farmer went for his gun while his wife pleaded for a second chance.

When Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary came to the rescue, they could see that despite Bridget’s broken leg, her spirit was as strong as ever and she wasn’t ready to give up yet.

As they bundled her into the rescue ambulance to make a dash for the vet, they were in for another surprise as they heard the words, “she may be pregnant too.” Armed with the knowledge that this poor girl could also be due to give birth, they had one more incentive to ensure that she pulled through.

After supporting her leg with a plaster cast, Bridget’s battle was far from over. As Edgar’s Mission awaited Mother Nature to see how well the injury would heal, their attention turned to nourishing Bridget in every way possible to prepare her for birth, with one of the most important challenges to overcome being Bridget’s fear of humans.

Never forgetting the terrifying look in her eyes as she was delivered into their care, they knew they had a mammoth task before them, and healing Bridget’s broken leg was going to prove easier than healing her broken heart.

A sheep’s natural defense is too flee, so it was no surprise that after all Bridget had been through, she was nervous about what to expect as she found herself in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Animals possess an amazing and humbling capacity to forgive, and fortunately Bridget was no different. Over the first few weeks that she spent at Edgar’s Mission, she grew more fond of her new caregivers and in time began looking for and appreciating their company, realizing that they may in fact be “the good guys.”

And then a miracle was born:

Coming into the world in the early hours of the morning, a happy and healthy baby girl was born. As Bridget tenderly licked her newborn baby and gently guided her to her teat, Edgar’s Mission knew that nothing short of the name Miracle would do for this tiny lamb after witnessing the incredible journey that the pair had been through to make this day a reality.

When sheep sustain an injury akin to Bridget’s, the prescribed subscription is usually a bullet as it is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to solve the problem, but thankfully a kind soul saw that she was worth fighting for and stepped in the way, throwing her and the unborn baby she was carrying inside her a lifeline.

Watch the video below of baby Miracle and her mother Bridget as they share some of their first moments together:

Miracle from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

Congratulations to Bridget. I am glad she finally gave her human caretakers a chance to help her.
I am crying for all the pain she went through. I hope Bridget and Miracle live a long and happy life!

Wendy Kobylarz-Chouvarda

So sweet. :)

Alina Gostomelskaya

Thanks for sharing this story!Sometimes animals are braver than a human

Natalya Novikova
Natalya Novikova3 years ago

I shed a few tears :) Thanks!

Gloria and Jack Howe
.3 years ago

That is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming stories I have ever read. Not just one life saved, but two. Long live Miracle and mum sheep Brigitte Bardot - they will certainly never end up on some carnivore's dinnerplate. Well done, rescuers - you are all Stars!

Leslie Just
Leslie Just3 years ago

Precious - love these stories about good people doing good work and saving innocent lives - Thanks for bringing smiles :)

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

What a baby beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Z3 years ago

This is a wonderful story & video!!! Just beautiful. Shared on my FB wall. :)

Kathlene Lentz
Kathlene Lentz3 years ago

Beautiful story, and such a sweet little baby lamb. I'm so happy that they are safe and well cared for at Edgar's Mission.