Shot and Abandoned Cat Fights for Life in Shelter

Last week a sick and injured cat was rescued from a dumpster at a shooting range just outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

The cat was retrieved by sheriff’s deputies and named Felix. She was given to the Humane Society shelter in Lincoln where staff noticed that she wouldn’t eat. Upon further investigation, they discovered that Felix had been shot. A cut on her nose turned out to be an entry wound from a shotgun shell pellet which injured the roof of her mouth and her tongue before exiting through her chin.

Staff at the shelter say that Felix may not make it, and that if she continues not eating, they may have to insert a feeding tube.

Felix was not a stray; she was someone’s pet. She was spayed and declawed and was found in the dumpster with her litter box. Authorities have no evidence to suggest that she was shot intentionally.

It’s hard to piece together a narrative for Felix. The presence of the litter box leads me to think that there was significant forethought put into dumping the cat but the fact that only one pellet wounded Felix makes me think that she was shot accidentally and not purposefully. It’s difficult to reconcile an accidental shooting at a range where a cat was taken intentionally to be dumped.

Several people have made donations to help cover Felix’s veterinary costs and have offered to adopt her but the staff at the shelter say it’s too soon to be thinking of a permanent home for her in her current state, saying she’s “not out of the woods yet.”

Authorities are trying to find Felix’s owner or any information about why she was abandoned.

We find ourselves being justifiably horrified when we heard of people treating animals in this way. According to all accounts by staff at the shelter, Felix is a happy and affectionate cat. Staff say that she is in good spirits and friendly despite all she has been through. How could a person shoot an animal and dump her in a trash can?

We can only hope that Felix survives and finds a loving home to take her in. We can only hope that her owner is found. 

But most importantly, we should understand that no animal ever deserves to be shot and left for dead. If the story of Felix tugs on your heart strings, you should ask yourself why we’re horrified by a cat shot and left for dead but we accept “sports” like hunting as honored traditions or why we treat animal slaughter as a banal part of everyday life.

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Photo: Masatsu


Cathrine G.
Cathrine G.7 years ago

I hope that they will gather all the funds to proceed to an operation and save this cat. There is nothing more rewarding than fixing a human mistake and sending in the universe the message that the bad can be undone, the good can win and there IS place for humanity even in places we though the bad had won. The power of wilingness to do good and repair the bads sends a big message and we need to send these message by taking to heart to undo the bad and heal the suffering of innocent life.

thank you in advance for Felix!!!!! keep us informed!!!!

Ken K.
Ken K7 years ago

PLEASE, DON'T look for the "kind and gentle" owner. Felix is better off in the shelter. Do you want to give the owner another chance to dump her?

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B7 years ago

Go Felix!! Make it, baby!

Lisa Mazzola
Lisa M7 years ago

People who do shit like this should sleep with one eye open. I'm a Christian, but God help me, I wouldn't hesitate to torture these evil monsters. They are pure evil and I know vengeance is not my "job", but I get so enraged I would do anything to prevent something like this from happening again to an innocent animal. We have to protect them and if I stood witness to animal abuse and had to club someone over the head and it left them brain dead, then I guess I would have to stand before God for judgment.

Tammy McKee
Tammy McKee7 years ago

I hope Felix make it and she finds a good home.

Yulan L.
Yulan Lawson7 years ago

Just yesterday at the local Sunday markets, I overheard people talking about how terrible something was & how could anyone think of doing that at one of the stalls. I saw a cat box & a little girl holding one, there was two inside. I asked the lady if she'd all ready given any away. Yes, one so far. She said she couldn't believe it. A bit confused I had to ask what was so disturbing to her & clearly others around. A woman had said to her son, who was sitting in a chair playing with his IPhone when a lady came up to him and said, 'could you keep these here for a few minutes and I'll be back'. She never came back. So I gave her a pamphlet for 4Paws, a group who takes in dogs and cats in these situations. All get desexed and looked after till we find them a forever home. Glad I had the pamphlet on me. I always carry some around, you never know hey!

Marilyn NO FWDS D.
7 years ago

This is heartbreaking.

Holly c7 years ago

I am so tired of hearing all of these abuse cases. What the hell is wrong with people? It's pretty scary to know there are so many pathetic monsters out there.

AndreaILLNoMail Oefinger
Past Member 7 years ago

How does a cat get unintentionally shot, and why would you try to find the "owner?" I am sending lots of love, hugs, kisses, and healing in spirit to Felix.

Christine S.

Shot in the face? Doesn't sound accidental to me. Dumped in a dumpster at a shooting range? How about cruel jerk takes cat and litter box to shooting range- shoots her in the face- cat in shock- a*hole thinks she's dead- puts her and litter box in dumpster- hope a* hole gets colon cancer....