Should Food Trucks Serve Alcohol?

The Pera Turkish Taco Truck, has won the fist liquor license ever awarded to a food truck in New York, putting the East Coast food truck scene a step ahead of the one in Los Angeles, as the Los Angeles Times notes.

Pera Turkish Taco received the license last Thursday and started serving alcohol the next day, says the New York Times.

The full license from the New York State Liquor Authority permits the truck to offer beer, wine and cocktails during regular operating hours, as long as the beverages are consumed in the truck’s assigned seating area on the terrace.

Pera applied for the license in March. William Crowley, a spokesman for the liquor authority, confirmed that Pera’s was the city’s first food-truck liquor license. He said the application was approved because the truck was limited to a “specifically defined area.”

Pera Turkish Taco is stationed at the site of the former Tavern on the Green restaurant; a post office and tourist shop are now located there.

Should food trucks, restaurants on wheels, serve alcohol? 

What if so to speak “booze mobiles” brought the beverages to your corner as readily as the ice cream truck brings its frozen treats? So long as the driver doesn’t sample the wares…


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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Calum Health
health truth5 years ago
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Zoe B.
Zoe B6 years ago

That is a shame people have no faith in their neighbours. Here in Europe, we have pizza trucks, and they will sell wine, and beer. Most people buy it to take home, but if you eat it in a nearby park, you are invited to take your pizza, and one or two empties back to the truck for binning.

the trucks are not "beer trucks", they are just providing a beer, or wine for people who prefer beer or wine with their meal, where is the harm in that.Jeez, people need to chill out.

kenneth b.
kenneth b6 years ago

no food trucks should not serve alcohol! i think thats too dangerious for them too.

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

It doesn't make sense to do it that way. If everyone is responsible, then I suppose, but, I don't like the idea of more litter ending up clogging the streets and parks.

Sumit jamadar
Sumit jamadar6 years ago


Margaret Paddock
M A Paddock6 years ago

After knowing many people with & without a drinking problem that this is not a real problem. No matter who supplies the alcohol a person with a problem is going to find a way to get it and drive if they want to. No government control is going to stop them just as it did not during prohibition.
Being so public I doubt that they will give it to kids right there. Underage people still try to get into bars and succeed so don't blame a food truck vendor for not catching a false I.D. Even notary publics have trouble with that nowadays.
I am assuming the drinks will probably be beer or wine - easy to carry the bottles and usually that type of license is what would be issued.
You can't control everyone, so let the small business entrepreneur have a chance of increasing his sales in a regulated manner. There may be a limit to how much one can buy also. I don't see anymore of a problem with this and probably less than bars which people stagger out of and drive home.
I once had a friend that hid bottles in neighbors yards and drank on his way to the bar and then staggered home. Sometime he would drink on his walk and drive to the bar. It was awful and dangerous for everyone. He was allergic to alcohol and told many times that it would kill him, but it did not stop him.
So enjoy a beer with your taco and walk on...........

Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez6 years ago


Carol B.
Carol Burk6 years ago

There is no "food truck" restaurant where I live, but I can't see the difference between this and a small lunch restaurant. As I understand it, the truck does not travel around but has it's licensed spot to park and serve. It limits the number of customers choosing alcohol by the smaller seating space, but allows the others to take their take-out food with them. Of course, no minors will be served alcohol.

Michael P.
Michael P6 years ago

Good move. A good revenue source for the vendor, and a good tax/license revenue source for the city.