Should Student Loan Rates Increase? PELL No! [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon had a special guest on to “slow jam” the news that unless Congress acts now, federal interest rates on student loans are about to double.  Yes, it was the President of the United States or, as Fallon calls him, “The Barackness Monster.”

Watch the full, hilarious “slow jam” below.  And be amazed by how well the President can keep a straight face.


Photo credit: Youtube screen capture


Ann S.
Ann S5 years ago

Haahaa, I agree with William K.

Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson5 years ago


William K.
William K5 years ago

The POTUS with the mostest!

Nicole Gorman
Nicole Gorman5 years ago

Hilarious and informative. Now let's see, to get this not raised we have to go with either the Republican plan to take money from President Obama's healthcare plan or the Democrats plan to either cut Big Oil subsidies or close tax loopholes for the top 1%. Hmmm, healthcare or billionaires?

John Mansky
John Mansky5 years ago

Thank you for the article...

Karen and Ed O.
Karen and Ed O5 years ago

What made me laugh is Fox "News'" indignant criticism of the president for doing this. Boy, were they on their high horses.
I guess it's okay for Richard Nixon to appear on "Laugh In" and say "sock it to me". Or for Dubya to go on the Dr. Phil Show. And of course, I don't remember anyone screaming when Bill Clinton played his sax.
Well, I'll tell you, guys, I thought the president was pretty cool.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

Corporate Oligarchy Republicans want to turn your children into indentured servants, working harder for less money and benefits to pay student loans. To turn them into submissive, obedient workers, too tired to protest. Lose all hope all ye who enter here.

claude m.
claude miller5 years ago

we have dummies on here that show their ignorance by stead fast vote against themselves,
its just insane.the only accounting for it is bigotry on their part.

Rosary G.
Rosary G5 years ago

This is great. How refreshing!

Is the President the only one running for the White House who gets people under 40? And the only one who has a clue how the economy and job market works and where our future lies?

Obama-Biden 2012

Thomas Syck
Grover Syck5 years ago

Just more of the right(wrong) wing stomping on the 99%.

The republicans are determined to commit suicide.