Shutdown Averted: Lawmakers Agree To New Spending Bill

Well, it looks like there won’t be a government shutdown countdown tonight after all.  For once, congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle managed to reach an agreement with time to spare, and a government spending bill will be approved today.

The bill has lost some of the onerous policy riders Republicans had put onto it, although the D.C. ban on paying for abortions appears to still be in place.  Also included in the negotiations was a plan for extending the payroll tax holiday, although likely just a short term extension of two months for further decisions on how to pay for it to be made.  One way that is totally off the table, according to Senator Max Baucus, Finance Committee Chairman, the millionaire surtax proposal.

Unemployment benefits are also expected to be extended, although the length of the extension may depend upon the percentage of unemployed workers in each state.

A temporary spending bill should be voted on at some point prior to midnight.

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Nancy L.
Nancy L7 years ago

Ya, we're spending ourselves the way of Greece and Italy. Ridiculous.

june t.
reft h7 years ago

a lot of really interesting comments here, thanks for posting the article

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago


Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz7 years ago

Just like a dictator, they may be hated but they continue to act the same.

Lynn C.
Past Member 7 years ago

You knew they'd do it and you knew it would end up being another move to gain control of the resources of this of this country without regulation. Now the question is, how to we take back our country and our politics.

Linda T.
Linda T7 years ago

Good government benefits all. What we have today benefits no one.

Eric Lees
Eric Lees7 years ago

Both parties have lost their ways. Both have become corrupt big government big business parties.

"The lesson should be constantly enforced that though the people support the Government, Government should not support the people. " Grover Cleveland

"Parties may be so long in power, and may become so arrogant and careless of the interests of the people, as to grow heedless of their responsibility to their masters. But the time comes, as certainly as death, when the people weigh them in the balance." Grover Cleveland Democratic President

The bottom line is they are bankrupting this once great nation. The national debt is already too big for us to pay it off without the FED inflating the money supply (printing dollars). This will punish all Americans with high inflation.

Maureen L.
Maureen Leibich7 years ago

Elle B.--Thank you for that quote from President Truman. He is one of my favorite presidents. I actually remember him, by the way. One of the reasons I admire him so much is that he really believed in "The buck stops here," meaning he was the one who had the responsibility to make decisions, and he could not blame anyone else for those decisions. Sure, he had advisers, but he made the decisions and took the consequences.

Steve R.--Your idea of taking from the poor so the rich can still enjoy their tax holiday is ludicrous. There is nothing more the poor can give. The Republicans are trying to take this country out of democracy and all the way back to a feudal system. They and the corporations who have bought them will be the overlords, and the rest of us will be serfs and slaves. Are you one of the rich who are benefiting from making the poor poorer? If not, you will be one of the serfs or slaves with the rest of us. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Of course Baucus says there will be no surtax on the rich. He doesn't want to have to pay his fair share. The tax cuts did not, and will not, create jobs. Trickle-down economics did not work under President Reagan; they did not work under either President Bush; and they are not working now, in an economic collapse created by Republicans holding the country--especially the poor and middle class--hostage in order to get their own way. The only time in recent history this country was in good shape was under President Cl

Marianne C.
Marianne C7 years ago

Threaten their nice winter vacations, and the Republican will agree to do what's right for the country -- but ONLY then. What a fun bunch of zanies they really are.

Steve R.
Steve R7 years ago

Phew Robin - you must be relieved!

What would you have done if the SPENDING had stopped!

It would have been a nightmare!

Never mind that we DON'T HAVE ANY TO SPEND, right!

Oh - I forgot - we can take some from the rich right - if they haven't moved to China or elsewhere yet?

Have you noticed what's been happening in Greece, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe?

They SPENT themselves into OBLIVION!

Guess you want the same for America right? Wonder who will bail us out?