Still Time to Trump Tired Old New Year’s Resolutions: Share your Best and Check Out Causes and Personal Lists

OK.† We all claim to make New Year’s Resolutions.We all even promise to keep them – at least one or two.† But we all know the truth; it’s easy to make that list and tough to stick to it – and it’s kind of boring to write the same old things every year, even when the celebration is as beautiful as this one in London.

So here’s an idea:† Here in the comments, send us one or two of your favorites; in addition to their appearance here, we’ll publish a list every time we get a dozen.†

Care2 is crammed with smart, committed activists and we know you have ideas for the New Year that we’d never think of.† So let’s share the wealth.†† Just post your own down here.

OH and if you think it’s too early, think again!† New Year’s Eve is less two weeks away!


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B. M.
Bette M8 years ago

My resolution is to get everyone in the world to plant trees......

So, please plant trees for life on earth.

Plant & protect trees....................

Pam Rhia S.
.8 years ago

I have been working on my list of resolutions now for several weeks. :) Some of them are extremely important, so I feel those I will be able to do and continue. Others, we will see about.... :)

Sue Cannon
Sue Cannon8 years ago

we come on here daily and do the daily action plus getting butterfly rewards to put towards helping others. This place is inspiration enough to try new things. I will still make a few New Year resolutions too. Exercise more, eat less, recycle more, buy less.

megan m.
megan m8 years ago

The pagan new year was on Samhein/Halloween, the Chinese new year ranges from the end of January to mid February, the Jewish new year I believe is sometime in September, and I'm sure there are plenty of other cultures who's new calendar year starts on various other dates.
So it would seem that everyday is a good day to pledge a commitment and stick with it. What is a date anyway? just a manmade way to keep time organized.

Besides if you find that you put something off until the right "time", chances are its something you're not too serious about in the first place. And if you find it hard to get something started, remember, baby steps. Start small and eventually you can work yourself up to a meaningful goal (examples: eat meat one less meal everyday, then move it up to a whole day, then more than one day, then a week, etc Or start by organizing one box or a corner of a room, move on to other boxes and other areas of rooms, then get on freecycle, then go through paper daily, etc Or walk up and down your street one day a week, then move it to a couple more days, then expand your distance, then start some jogging, maybe get some ankle weights, etc.)

good luck

Joy Lynn S.
lilsayyyy m8 years ago

1)Finish planting a garden
2)Start an organic co-op
3)Transition to 85% raw foods
4)Get my blue belt in Karate
5)Start my family on a recycling program
6)Read a book a week
7)Learn ten new words a week
8)Finish my various career certifications (almost there!)
9)Start a new blog
10)Use butterfly credits to plant 11 trees/month (roughly my carbon offset needs)and provide safe water every day and work toward other things

Kerry Stuparitz
Kerry G8 years ago

Judy B., you are so right! Starting today, I am going to make daily/weekly/monthly/whenever resolutions (aka goals and to-do lists...). Yessir, I am really gonna do it this time..

Danielle W.
Danielle W8 years ago

how about a resolution to click away at care2 and do use butterfly points to help people!

Susanne Dawn P.

I apologize for the crazy post, but I didn't receive my 20 butterfly credits and I'm very close to my new goal of 10,000! Care2=The gift that keeps on giving! Now if that isn't inspiration!!!!!

Susanne Dawn P.


Susanne Dawn P.

I stopped making "New Years Resolutions" many years ago for the same reasons as Patricia A. I always failed, as I set unrealistic goals. It resulted in feelings of a negative self image so {If it doesn't work, try, try, try until you find something that does} I now make a "list". I have a notebook and I check off what I accomplish on a daily basis. I feel good about I check off the things I've acomplished. I then feel inspired and add to the list. If I only accomplish one goal, that's fine as there is no limit. The list is ongoing, but everytime I check off something I feel so much better about myself. This works for me! But... this year I am going to make one resolution. {I'll continue the list thing as it works for me} That resolution is to continue to learn computer skills. With Rabid Enthusiasm!!!!! I Love Care2 so much that I have to learn the skills to keep up! The fear of the computer has kept me from achieving my goals for decades!. This past month I have learned so much on the computer and am not paralized with fear. I'm obsessed with learning as I have been supported with such kind,caring, and supportive "Friends". I feel VERY happy to make a REALISTIC RESOLUTION