Sickening Medical Experiment Blasts Animals in Eyes to Mimic Shrapnel Wounds

Animal testing research facilities are responsible for the mutilation, experimentation, and murder of billions of animals every year, yet little is known about what goes on behind closed doors, or even where this testing is happening.

In the UK, the University of Birmingham alone carries out tests on more than 42,000 animals per year under guidelines which stipulate that animal testing is legal providing there is no alternative option.

The question is, who gets to decide whether there is no alternative option, and does this make the procedures acceptable?

Simulating Shrapnel Wounds on Rats

The university has been conducting experiments on rats where they shoot them in the eyes with plastic bullets to simulate shrapnel wounds that service men and women receive in battle.

A document from Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science states that “a 0.095g spherical plastic pellet was fired using compressed air that directly impacted the inferior scleral surface at 20 m/s…Groups of test rats and uninjured control rats were killed at five, 24 and 48 hours post-ballistic injury by anaesthesia.”

Chris Magee, head of policy at the Understanding Animal Research group showed his support for the experiments by saying that “the point of the experiments was to find out why blunt trauma eye injuries lead to diminished eyesight and blindness,” adding that animal rights groups had a “lack of comprehension” of the situation.

There’s No Humane Way to Mutilate Animals

The reason animal rights groups are against the notion of animal testing and experimentation is that there is no way of justifying the extreme violence and cruelty which is inflicted on animals in the name of medical advancement.

Dr. Andre Menache, scientific advisor for the Animal Justice Project explained that the “University of Birmingham researchers subjected female rats to a lifetime of confinement, and undoubtedly excruciatingly painful procedures…These futile warfare experiments should be condemned and the researchers who carried out this appalling experiment should never be allowed to inflict this kind of suffering on animals again.”

A university spokesman has tried to diffuse the situation by saying that “the University will always ensure that any animals used are humanely treated,” however there’s no way to shoot an animal in the eye with the intention of severely injuring it in a humane way. This is the type of PR spin that has led us to where we are today, with widespread acceptance of animal brutality in the name of medical advancement.

No Place for Animal Testing in a Civilized Society

If the public were given full and honest details about the exact procedures, quantity of animals being used, and the effectiveness of the tests, there is no doubt that the vast majority would be outraged at what is going on in medical testing facilities around the globe, and would voice their opinions against it.

Legal or not, there is no place for this type of intentional violence and abuse of animals for our own personal gain in a civilized society.

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Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

The scum who work in labs calling their diseased selves "scientists" or "researchers" and the so called "universities" that promote these atrocities should be charged with terrorism crimes.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Rose-Marie Grobbelaar

When it comes to science, and specially medical science, there is no civilization. These so-called doctors and scientists are as savage as the barbarians that lived thousands of years ago. They only have better instruments and governments and big corporations that supports them. They are the legal killers and murderers.

Robyn R.
Robyn R3 years ago

How do these people sleep at night, seriously, how do they justify all of the UNNECESSARY suffering? Is there a petition to sign? Thank you for all that continue to fight for the animals!

Suzanne Michael
Suzanne Michael3 years ago

These people aren't scientists their plain and simple animal abusers! Anyone who can go to work every stinking day and spend the day torturing any animal needs to be locked up. They definitely are a menace to society, and their names and addresses should be published so anyone living near them can keep an eye on any pets they might have! This is sick beyond words, and it has to stop every where! Can these rats tell them how much it hurts? Hell no, they just suffer until they decide to kill them. America isn't any better as some branches of our service use living goats and sheep and cut their limbs off without and anesthetic to train the medic's in the war zones. How many times do they have to do this to the screaming animals before they learn anything? Can't they tape it and show the tapes without doing it over and over again? I've seen the video and it's the most horrific thing I've ever seen. Hearing these animals scream out in pain until they kill them is sickening! We're every bit as barbaric as any other country in the world. We've been in a war some where for a long time and if they haven't learned how to treat these soldiers by now they never will!

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago


Angie P.
Angie P3 years ago

Horrible. Humans are horrible.

Karen H.
Karen H3 years ago

There was a lawsuit a few years ago where a woman hired to work in a spa refused to be subjected to a Brazilian bikini wax. The spa contended that, “If you’re going to do it to our clients, you have to experience it yourself.”
That thinking should be used in these experiments: “If you’re going to do it to these animals, you have to experience it yourself.” Then we’d see how long the experiments last.

Bill Eagle
Bill Eagle3 years ago

This sound so very cruel.

Sherri S.
Sherri S3 years ago

The article states, "If the public were given full and honest details about the exact procedures, quantity of animals being used, and the effectiveness of the tests, there is no doubt that the vast majority would be outraged at what is going on in medical testing facilities around the globe, and would voice their opinions against it." Sadly many people are ignorant to these experiments. Others simply do not care; most people are so wrapped up in their own little world, that they don't have time to worry about things that don't directly affect them. My wish is that one day humans will stop abusing, neglecting, torturing, killing animals to satisfy their own agenda.