Silly Trailer Park Pit Bull Charms Her Way into New Home

Written by Susan Rogers of Texas

I’m a single parent and my daughter and I live in a one bedroom travel trailer. It was a sunny, very hot afternoon in Texas, and I was walking across a small road from a neighbor’s house in our RV park, when along came a very large pup, about 5 months old. Of course, I stopped and bent down to pet her. She was so happy to be noticed. I figured she got out from someone’s care until I noticed that her ribs were showing and she was practically all bones. I continued walking to our trailer and the pup followed. She was not letting me leave her and I might have allegedly whistled for her to follow…

My daughter, Lindsey saw the pup and it was an instant bond. It brought tears to my eyes. My daughter begged for the pup to stay, and managed to talk me into letting her into our small trailer. OK, I said. She sleeps with you!

Little did I know it was a train wreck waiting to happen. You see, other neighbors had also noticed that the dog was underfed and had apparently fed her that afternoon, along with two other neighbors and us!

Rose is now part of the family

Well, needless to say, I got up early in the morning, and stumbled sleepily to the coffee pot — and low and behold…yes, there was a fresh pile of dog poop that I did not see. My bare feet and toes were covered.  But, I understood that it was not the pup’s fault and began taking rugs out.

The pup hung out in the park and around the trailer for a day. We were still feeding and watering her. Animal control showed up and the pup went right to the woman. She picked her up and put her in the front seat of the truck with the a/c blowing cold. I was at work when my neighbor called me and said that the animal control was there for the dog. My heart broke and panic hit. I couldn’t let them take her — she has a pit bull face and I was sure that they would put her down. She had already imprinted her sweet gentle ways into my and my daughter’s heart and I wanted the pup as much as my daughter did.

The pup’s name is now “Rose.” I found out a day or so later how she arrived at the RV park. It was a car that pulled up and just shoved her out. Rose is a rescued dog now and will be well loved for the rest of her life.

Just one lil’ hitch. There’s a pond at the RV park and Rose loves to chase frogs. And my daughter and I have also discovered that (pardon me here…) Rose likes to chew on bras. They were scattered all over the trailer one afternoon!

For more happy endings or to share one of your own, please visit The Great Animal Rescue Chase


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Nice story about Rose. Thank you Laura for sharing this.

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Lovely story. Always a heart warming read when little critters are rescued and loved.

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What a great story! Heartwarming and funny. :)

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Thanks for taking Rose into your home and heart.