Simon Cowell On Behalf Of The Animals (VIDEO)

Simon Cowell, known in his American Idol days as the King of Mean, regularly participates in Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday campaign. In the video below, the former Idol judge talks of the compassion he has for animals. Let’s just hope he extends that consideration and soon opts to be meat-free every day!

The News Chronicle


anne r.
Tom R7 years ago

Meat Free Mondays is a good start. Responsibility/accountability and compassionate treatment for animals is vital and necessary. Give animals a voice since they dont have one. Make a step by getting involved. Sign petitions, cross post, email/fax and volunteer/foster/adopt or donate for animals. It makes a difference to the one or two you can help.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago


rene davis
irene davis7 years ago

I love re reading this!

Patricia P.
Patricia P.7 years ago

All my life I have been involved with animals being born on a farm in England the emigrating to Australia and becoming involved with Native Wildlife as a Carer, I still find it hard to understand how anyone can be cruel to any animal, Punishment should be more severe for anyone abusing these wonderful creatures, sometimes I think we are the lowest form on this earth when I see and hear of the cruelty that continues to go on, please try and make this a better place for all and sundry Patricia Pattison

JASMIN HORST S7 years ago

It bring tears to my eyes, to see such an expression of humanity, especially when it benefits those in dire need of help, the suffering creatures all, that cannot speak on their own behalf. It is most commendable that a person of Simons stature would speak out, a totally unselfish thing to do, since, I am certain, that a man of his calibre, need not be bothered. God bless all of those that do, May he bless you Simon.

Wanda P.
Wanda P7 years ago

The more people that care about animals the more the animals will be helped, Simon is in the limelight, people will hear him....

Eddie C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Bravo, one more ignorant person educated. In turn, there are many who will also become enlightened.

Elizabeth Carmack
Elizabeth C7 years ago

Way to go, Simon. Thank you so much.

leanne mcivor
leanne Torio7 years ago

Thank you God for all the people that love and care about animals and that work tirerlessly for the benefit of them!

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S7 years ago

I am glad that Simon has made this video. A lot of people seem to think he has done it for his own benefit, rather than for animals, but whether that is true or not is irrelevant as long as he gets the message out there.