Six Months After DADT Repeal, Sky Still Not Falling


DADT, the U.S. military’s former ban on openly gay servicemembers, died quietly following the repeal — that’s the verdict of Pentagon officials.

No doubt this is a blow to religious conservatives who predicted that allowing LGB troops to serve openly would lead to the military becoming a cesspool of sin.

But no, Stars and Stripes reports it’s business as usual according to the Pentagon:

Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said the repeal is “proceeding smoothly across the Department of Defense,” which officials there credit to the “enforcement of standards by our military leaders” and “servicemembers’ adherence to core values that include discipline and respect.”

Officials at the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a pro-repeal group which offers free legal assistance to troops on discrimination issues, said they’ve heard only a few minor complaints from military members about the implementation of the repeal.

“We had thought this would be largely a non-event, and that has been the case,” said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the group. “I think the new regulations permitting gays and lesbians to serve are unambiguous, and the commands have all made it abundantly clear that this is the direction the force is going.”

Military leaders have seen pushback from conservative groups on some high-profile post-repeal stories — such as a picture of a gay Marine kissing his boyfriend which circulated earlier this month — but haven’t faced any lawsuits or mass resignations predicted by some opponents.

Of course, anti-LGBT rights groups still insist that this is because the Obama administration has gagged dissenters and so the problems that the repeal has supposedly created haven’t yet come to light.

Those groups opposed to the repeal continue to crow about the harms that it has caused without evidence to support their claims.

On the other hand, the positive effects of repeal are readily apparent.

The following video shows gay servicemembers talking about life before the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and life after, what it has meant to them and how it has improved their lives and ability to serve. They also talk about how the Defense of Marriage Act continues to prevent them from serving with the same rights as their straight counterparts.


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Chuck D.
Chuck D.5 years ago

Given that the predictions of many Religious Right icons generally never come to light (the Tribulation was supposed to happen in 1982, then 1988, then 2000, etc), I think you'll understand if I'm less than shocked that the military didn't fall into chaos following DADT's repeal...LOL

seth c.
seth c.5 years ago

As a Marine who served three tours, I always felt bad for my fellow soldiers who happened to be lesbian/gay. They fought, and some died, just to come home and have to listen to these "fundamental" idiots tell them they shouldn't be afforded the same rights as every other American. It's also interesting how most of the people against the repeal of DADT never served a single day in the military. While they were busy advocating for the suppression of the rights of gay troops, those same troops were putting their lives in danger to protect the rights and freedoms of the very people trying to limit theirs. When your fellow soldier is fighting beside you, you don't care if they're strait, gay, bi, virgins, etc. You just respect them for their courage and bravery. I always felt that they were very courageous and brave to enlist in a military which would persecute them if they were discovered as being gay. I don't understand how anyone could be against the repeal of DADT. Maybe we should throw them into the middle of the war and see how they feel when a gay soldier saves their ass.

antonia maestre
antonia maestre5 years ago

Don't like gay marriages? Don't get one. Don't like cigarettes? Don't smoke them. Don't like abortions? Don't get one. Don't like sex? Don't have it. Don't like drugs? Don't do them. Don't like porn? Don't watch it. Don't like alcohol? Don't drink it.. Don't like guns? Don't buy one. Don't like your rights taken away? Don't take away someone else's.

Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

I am so surprised. I thought the military would fall apart, Russia would invade us, God would smite us. I guess I have to reexamine things...

Seabert B.
Seabert B5 years ago

All service men and woman, whether white, black, asian, mexican, gay or lesbian deserves all of our respect and appreciation for their dedication to protect each and everyone of us in the United States of America. As long as they do their jobs there should be no reason for any kind of discrimination. All I can say is THANK YOU for all you people do for us.

Karen and Ed O.
Karen and Ed O5 years ago

These groups are so funny. If they can't get their anti-LGBT policies taken seriously they find some way to blame someone. Don't listen to anyone else, listen to us, we're right all the time.
Did any rational people think that the sky would fall with the repeal of a law that should never have happened in to the first place?
Now, let's get rid of the DOMA. Immediately!

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Great video! All of our service people deserve our respect for the great job that they are doing.

Christopher Fowler

The fact that nothing has changed in the nature of the people serving, in the manner in which all of our service members serve has not changed.

This move also did a number of fixes to security issues.

The biggest being the required secrecy about sexuality that could have opened a soldier up to extortive influence by foreign powers. With being able to serve openly, as a LGB service member, that threat is eliminated and that means that we have, in fact, made our national military secrets that much more secure. Now we only have to worry about those straight guys and gals that have a clearance and are cheating on their spouses. Something that, under DOMA, LGB service members have very little to worry about in that area, until DOMA is finally repealed.

Sue Jones
Sue Jones5 years ago

Poor old naysayers - gonna have to find something else to raise their blood pressure.

Mark L.
Past Member 5 years ago

The Dept. of Defense still has some unfinished business with bringing justice to the soldiers responsible for the abusing and killing of animals in our military. Please kindly reference my petition on this issue:
We "still are awaiting an explanation" into these heinous barbaric crimes "still be committed" on a regular basis, and the Dept. of Defense "still condones these criminal acts"!!!