Skinny Bitch: From Fast Food Junkie to Vegan (VIDEO)

Rory Freedman, author of the extremely popular Skinny Bitch books, says if you love animals, then don’t eat them.

She went from a lover of fast food to being vegan and finds it “really healthy; really fun.” And she adds that because veganism has now gone so mainstream, you can get anything you crave, including favorites like cookies, cupcakes, pizza, and burgers and fries. 

This video interview shows Freedman with her dogs — she points out that just as they are individuals with feelings, so are the animals that end up on people’s plates.

The video does include a few brief, graphic scenes of animals about to be killed for food, so please be advised.

Photo Credit: thanks to seelensturm via flickr for the image of yummy-looking vegan cupcakes!


Jim Ven
Jim Vabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Borg Drone
Past Member 7 years ago

Love the Title & story, and would munch that image Too. Yummy

Karen C.
Karen C7 years ago

I believe if the animals are raised humanely then yes it's okay to eat. We shouldn't waste animals but I do think it's okay to eat however I'm trying to be more of a vegan but I can't totally give up beef. I suffer from iron deficiency anemia and the only way I stay health is to eat beef. Pills, injections don't work for me.

david davalos
david davalos7 years ago


wizzy wizard
wiz wi7 years ago

if they eat us we would be moining

Pete C.
Pete c7 years ago

i need over 3000 calories a day. id probably be throwing up all the time if i consumed that much calories in fruits and veggie-tables.

Judi Pittonet
Judi Pittonet7 years ago

wow thanks for this !!!Awesome tips!!Love it!!

luca pisaroni
luca pisaroni7 years ago


Radu Prodan
Radu Prodan7 years ago

Oh, I don't know about vegetarian diet... in my opinion, a balanced diet is something more... appropriate. In the med school I figured that the body also needs animal proteins, but this is a subject which will generate endless debates.

dve d.
aa b7 years ago