Skip the Movies — All the Action, Drama and Sci-Fi You Need is in the Friday Wrap!

Well, the weekend’s finally here. Time to kick back, relax, maybe see a movie? We hear the new Iron Man is supposed to be big…

On second thought, why don’t you just get your sci-fi fix from the news? Because, as Sharon Seltzer writes in “Arizona Bans Creation of Human-Animal Hybrids,” the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a new law that sounds like it came right out of a science fiction movie. Effective as of July 29, 2010, it will be illegal for scientists to produce human-animal hybrids or clone a human being.

Or you could read Beth Buczynski’s piece, “Head In The Clouds? What Geoengineering Could Mean For The Planet.” Bill Gates surprised many when he announced that “climate change was the single greatest threat to humanity” at the TED conference earlier this year. Gates also promised that he would “join the effort to find rapidly deployable energy technologies” but no one expected that effort to include a cloud-making factory. Is messing with the planet’s natural cycles really the best way to tackle global warming?

And the sci-fi, freaky Friday posts keep-a-comin’ with Heather Moore’s “Agency To Conduct More Animal Tests to Determine Why Previous Animal Tests Didn’t Apply To Humans” about the National Toxicology Program’s asinine plan to conduct more animal tests on soy formula to see if they can find out why the findings from previous animal tests haven’t applied to humans.

If drama’s more your game, read about the ongoing Arizona Immigration fiasco in Jessica Pieklo’s article, “Arizona GOP Takes Another Whack At Latinos.” The Arizona GOP’s latest legislative efforts leave little question that the strategy for the upcoming midterm elections is to use race as a wedge.

Judy Molland’s “She Was Old, She Deserved to Die” is both action-packed and horrific. After an 18-year-old girl lost control of the van she was driving, and crashed into a house, killing the owner, she declared that she didn’t feel so bad about the death when she heard that her victim was 69 years old.

And Steve Williams keeps the action going. Opponents of Lithuania’s first gay pride parade on Saturday threw smokebombs, road signs, fireworks and a barrage of stones, but it did not stop approximately 500 LGBT people marching in a historic parade. His article, “Lithuania’s Gay Pride: Despite Molotov Cocktails, Smokebombs and Protests” is both disturbing and inspiring.

And speaking of disturbing, Human Rights Watch released a disturbing report about the conditions of child farmworkers, revealing that they are four times more likely to die than children in other occupations. You can read more about this tragedy in Natasha Greenhouse’s “Uncovering the Abuse of Child Farmworkers.”

Political buffs will love “Gates Invokes Ike, Challenges Pentagon, Congress to Scrutinize Military Spending” from Aaron Pendell. On May 8, the Eisenhower Library marked the 65th anniversary of the allied victory in Europe. Secratary of Defense Robert Gates was on hand to address the crowd, and used the occasion to challenge both the Pentagon and Congress to take a hard look at how the U.S. defends itself.

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Linda Mills
Linda Mills7 years ago

everyone, please sign and share:

i'd really appreciate it

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

Good that racist Arizona bans Human-animal species experiment now called "Splice" as in the movie. I do not want to see that coming to pass and would not be friends with such creatures. Genetic mutations/mutants. It's trying to play God and God will not accept either. It is very unnatural. Bill Gates got inspired by Sci-Fi create a weather machine, not good, how horrible, again trying to play God, for everything, who should live or die, eat not eat, sleep not sleep.... Screw animal testing, it should be banned (animal experiments= inhumane cruelty), which do not prove anything. Read about the article about the 18 year-old girl who thought that the 70 year old woman should die, I was shocked. Where is the respect for elders? I heard of all the Gay laws in every country that are pro-Gay including my country Belgium. I live in NY. Uganda and Malawi and other conservative, extremist, tradtional countries are againt it and this equals punishment because it's against nature. I'm not for these laws even If I don't approve gay lifestyles, I tolerate. I don't agree with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", because it's repression and oppression. But they are still humiliated when they reveal their homosexuality.... Some gays are killed/murdered not fair as the case of Matthew Shephard. I saw a movie about his life. Or some gays commit suicide. There should be no discrimination, violence, hate crimes (of any sort) whether we are for gay lifestyles or not....

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago

I don't watch the movies anyway. I have no time.

Karen C.
Karen C7 years ago

I'm especially upset at the 18 year girl who stated the women was old and deserved to die. What a lack of understanding in the meaning of life.

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

You summed it up in a nutshell.
Eventul week, indeed!
By the way, I am crazy about sci-fi movies as well as or even more so sci-fantasy movies!

Victoria B.
Victoria B7 years ago


gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

thanks for the summary, no need to watch sci-fi movies, it`s reality

Susan S.
Susan S7 years ago

I appreciate the Friday wrap. Hopefully there will be more positive news next week, as to me these articles point to the inherent flaws in our human nature. Can I request more uplifting stories? To me that would create a better balance, and it may be one reason why I seem to prefer the health and green living newsletter that Care2 sends me.

Steve Williams
Steven Williams7 years ago

Great Friday Wrap! Thanks so much for taking it on.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago