Sleeping Bears Won’t Be Hunted

Hunters in Russia will no longer be allowed to wake sleeping bears from their dens during winter hibernation and shoot them because of a new law enacted on March 16.

The news was reported by an animal rights group who has been advocating for this legislation since 1995.

For the past 16 years International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has campaigned to end the cruel winter den hunt. The practice left infant bear cubs orphaned and most would quickly die of starvation or freeze to death.

IFAW rescued as many of the cubs they could reach. The group rehabilitated them and released them back into the wild. Their rehabilitation center in Bubonitsy, Tver region successfully released more than 150 cubs.

“The Rules of the Hunt legislation is a tremendous step forward for animal welfare in Russia and reflects the opinion of the Russian people that bears should be protected from this sort of thing,” said IFAW Russia director, Dr. Maria Vorontsova.

IFAW gathered more than 400,000 signatures against the winter dent hunt and convinced the Ministry of Natural Resources that the Russian public was against this type of cruel hunt.

In addition, hunters will no longer be allowed to kill bears that are less than one year-old and females with cubs under one year.

Sadly the new law is not a complete victory for bears. There will still be a hunting season for brown bears and Asiatic black bears during the last few weeks in late spring and late summer.


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Mark Donners
Mark Donner4 years ago

Canada promotes "trophy" hunting of polar bears that have become a symbol of wildlife threatened by climate change (a crime that redneck american "trophy hunters" are also involved in) along with its massive bloodbath massacres of seal pups among other unspeakable atrocities commited against Canada's wildlife, animals and environments. Canada is a backwards, third world nation compared to Russia..its raving insane government led by a psychopathic tyrant called Harper commits crimes not tolerated by the more civilized Russian government led by environmentally friendly Putin.

Amanda E.
Amanda E4 years ago

The hunting and baying or baiting of ALL bears needs to stop. The act of hunting any animals for whatever reason is unbalanced. Why people feel the need to kill or be cruel to defenseless animals is beyond my comprehension. I feel sad that we are still having to protest about these issues when so many species of animals are already on the brink of extinction because of habitat loss through development. Poaching, baying or baiting and hunting surely cannot be acceptable any more and should be given the highest penalties for those who engage in these activities. Its really time we increased the penalties everywhere to deter those who would otherwise do these terrible things to such defenseless creatures..

Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

Good. They should be left alone.

Wendy Mason
Wendy Mason6 years ago

as if not killing slumbering beasts is some sort of concession ..they deserve protection and care
we are stewards of the earth

Gabriela B.
Gabriela B6 years ago

I don't know why they hunt bears. Maybe for trophies. There are enough billionaires in Russia who probably would find that attractive. Russia is a big country, with lots of forests and forest's wildlife. I guess hunting is pretty popular there. I can't imagine myself, who in the world would wake up a bear and simply shoot him.

Roopa Sharma
roopa sharma6 years ago

I cant believe you guys, you think this is good news? They are still getting killed!!!
What are they killed for? their pelts? claws? pleasure?

Roopa Sharma
roopa sharma6 years ago

What are they hunted for? pleasure? pelts? what?

johan l.
paul l6 years ago

Let us hope this law will be extended to include AL:L bears!
No more shooting of any bear whatsoever. There are few enough of them as it is!

Jennie O.
Jennie O.6 years ago

should be banned world wide, pure cruelty. hows been sat in a hide with a high powered rifle sport??

Chris E.
Chris E.6 years ago

Do not bears still need their mothers at one year?