Snake Hopelessly Entangled: Woman Cuts Him Free


Written byAnne Gayler of Orange County, New York

I live in a 200-year-old house right by a stream. A pipe leads from the basement into the stream to deal with the occasional flood.

One day while in the basement I noticed that ‘someone’ had thrown all the tools off my workbench and onto the floor. I wondered, “Who could have done that?”

Tools were scattered everywhere. I started to put them back and then recoiled with a shriek. The culprit was a two foot snake. The poor thing was almost near death. He had crawled onto the workbench, probably in search of mice, and had tried to slither through some bird netting. Instead he became horribly entangled. Wads of netting were wound around in his mouth, around his neck and strangulating his body. His struggles had been violent enough to throw the tools onto the floor…but he hardly had the strength to move at this point.

I Raced Upstairs

I raced upstairs for the scissors. Carefully, I took him by the neck right below the head and started cutting the netting off, starting from the tail end. There was a moment of fear when he suddenly regained strength and wound himself around my arm. I gently unwound him and continued until I got to the neck. I had almost all the netting off his neck when with amazing strength he wrested himself away from me and fled toward the pipe hole. But he was still in trouble. A ruff of netting was still wound around his neck and twisted inside his mouth. And now here’s the amazing part. He turned and faced me and stood still.

Talking to him, very slowly and quietly, I approached him. He let me get close enough so that I could grab the ruff of netting around his neck and I held on while he struggled backward to get out of it, which he did! One last look and down the pipe he went. I was left feeling very gratified that he had somehow realized I was his friend and had allowed me to help him.

Use Netting With Caution

This snake is among many animals who get trapped in netting each year. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds and other wildlife frequently become entangled in outdoor netting. If you use netting in your garden be sure to inspect it at dawn and dusk and wear protective gear if you need to engage in a rescue.

Have You Swallowed Fear to Save a Life?

If you’ve overcome fear in order to help an animal in need, we’d love to hear your story. Log on to The Great Animal Rescue Chase website and tell us about your rescue mission and share photos if you have them. Every day one special hero is featured here on and the next one might just be you.


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William C
William C8 days ago

Thanks for caring.

W. C
W. C10 days ago

Thank you.

Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

This is a bliss to help

Kate R.
Past Member 3 years ago

I wish everyone had the attitude that lives were worth saving. I refuse to use netting of any kind in my garden, it took me several years to get rid of all the wire netting entangled round the bottom of the apple trees (supposedly there to protect them from goats) but finding a small frog impaled on one of the sharp wires was the final straw. It may well have been placed there by a bird, but I never want to come across that sight again.

Val M.
Val M3 years ago

Thank you! I no longer use netting as I was unable to save the poor snake who got trapped in it - his injuries were too severe :-( So I now have resident snakes who can roam free of such hazards - and very beautiful they are too!

Gordon Ralph
Gordon Ralph3 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I must admit that i am not sure i would've been able to do the same thing i would have probably called animal rescue ...but by the time they arrived it could have been to late well done big respect to you !

Yvette S.
Yvette S3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Andreas Ioannou
Andreas G3 years ago

Every creature has the right to life.

Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan3 years ago

A sweet story, especially when he let her help him out of the last bit of netting.

Angela Padovani
Angie P3 years ago

I run when I see a snake. Thanks for saving the little guy.