Snowy Egret and Heron Babies Saved from Fallen Tree

This story is reprinted with permission from the International Bird Rescue.

On Tuesday, high winds toppled this tree near the Ports O’Call Village in San Pedro, located not far from our Los Angeles wildlife care center. Sadly, this tree was a rookery for many Black-crowned Night Herons and Snowy Egrets, and the scene was littered with broken eggs.

But the L.A. Harbor Department’s tree crew from its construction and maintenance team responded quickly to the fallen tree and rescued a total of 15 baby birds — 12 Black-crowned Night Herons and three Snowy Egrets.

Whenever possible, we will attempt to reunite baby birds that have fallen out of nests with their parents. Clearly we couldn’t do that in this case, and placing them in an adjacent tree wasn’t a feasible alternative. So we’re happy to report that all these baby birds are now in our care. They range from a Snowy Egret that likely hatched just a day or two ago to Black-crowned Nigh Herons that were close to fledging their nests.

“All the babies were in great shape when they arrived, full bellies from being fed by mom earlier that day, and are eating well on their own,” staff rehabilitation technician Kylie Clatterbuck reports. “Aside from a few minor abrasions, they all look great.”

Baby Black-crowned Night Herons

Snowy Egret

Photo by Bill Steinkamp


All photos by Kylie Clatterbuck unless otherwise noted


Magdalena C.
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Thank you!

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thanks for sharing :)

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

Thank you to everyone who helped these babies.

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Thanks for saving their lives!

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so cute, great job

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beautiful birds !

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They're cute ! Thanks for the article.

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So glad they were rescued, cute pictures.

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So sad these birds couldn't be reunited with their parets, but glad they were saved.

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Awesome. Thanks to all who helped in the rescue and care of these precious little ones.