Social Media is Helping Animals

It was only a matter of time before someone harnessed the power of social media to help homeless animals! TwitterACritter is a new social media campaign that uses Twitter to spread the word about adoptable pets in shelters. All you have to do is visit the website,, and select one of the 130,000 homeless dogs, cats, and other pets listed on Adopt‐a‐ and tweet a link to that petʹs information.

ʺTwitterACritter is a fun, easy way for people to actively save the life of a shelter pet, even if they canʹt adopt one themselves or afford to donate,ʺ says Abbie Moore, executive director of Adopt‐a‐ ʺHomeless pets are powerless to promote themselves to potential adopters, so itʹs up to those of us who love animals to lend a hand, and a set of thumbs, and tweet about them. In these difficult economic times, when so many pets are being relinquished to shelters, they need our help more than ever.ʺ

TwitterACritter has gotten a boost from Kevin Nealon, Alyssa Milano, Denise Richards, Kristin Chenoweth, and several other celebrities who have encouraged their Twitter followers to join the cause. According to Moore, ʺIn each case, immediately after the celebrityʹs tweet, hundreds of their followers tweeted homeless pets as well… and their followers tweet, and so on and so on. The celebrities create an avalanche of compassion”.

ʺThe bottom line is that if enough people see a shelter pet, that pet gets adopted. There is no better way to expose shelter pets to as many potential adopters as possible than through Twitter,ʺ continues Moore. ʺItʹs no exaggeration to say that a single tweet can save a life. Imagine the impact it would have if everyone tweeted just one critter a day!ʺ

To learn more about TwitterACritter and to see photos of celebrity participants, visit You can follow the campaign at


Jade H.
Jade H8 years ago

SHARON K - note that "being offended" is a personal choice - what offends you may delight someone else - so are the words funny or offensive? or is it how you CHOSE to respond to them - they're just words.
ELIZABETH M - excellent point and concern!! Hopefully someone involved in this Twitter site will check it out cause it sure sounds fishy and very much like puppy mill behind the scenes. Their hearts were in the right place, I just don't agree this is the right avenue to take to place pets without knowing where they are going - bait for dogs fights? research? anyone can order? I would need to know more and would research if I was interested.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M8 years ago

I would love to get emphatically behind this idea as one whose time has come. Unfortunately, I have reservations. I see a HUGE potential for abuse here.

I spent some time on TwitterACritter & I found that the dogs I was searching for (primarily small breeds) brought up many results (most seemed legitimate) but some of them (like a group called Friends of Homeless Animals, Inc. in RI) were requiring 'donations' of up to $750 with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200, just to process the application. This 'donation' supposedly includes transportation to the northeast. My question would be this-where are these dogs coming from? What I fear is this - if these organizations are not being CAREFULLY screened, this will become just another outlet for the puppy mills

I have adopted numerous animals from shelters & NEVER have I been asked to donate more than $100 to cover the cost of neutering and shots. I truly hope that this site (endorsed by celebrities as it is) does not become another way for disreputable breeders to sell the animals they are raising in their puppy mills. I can see no other reason for requesting this kind of money and shipping dogs from long distances. Oddly enough, these 'rescue organizations' make no mention of screening the potential owner for suitability. It is pretty clear that these people are just disguising their true intent and actually have no genuine concern for the welfare of these a

Animalib No Post
.8 years ago

Didn't doesn't look as though it works for finding dogs in Australia. If I'm wrong and it does, can someone enlighten me as to how to go about it.

Crystal T.
Crystal T8 years ago

I don't understand how this works.

Aimee Gertsch
Aimee G8 years ago

Jennifer E, that is just awesome that you fostered a dog! And through Twitter no less. Just awesome!

Barbara V.
Barbara V8 years ago

It would seem that animals always get the dirty end of the stick, thanks to humans who take no interest or responsibility for them. Compassion to them is just a word in the dictionary.

Lory L.
Lory L.8 years ago

Sharon, if all you got out of this was the language issue, you've missed the boat entirely.

Jennifer E.
Jennifer E8 years ago

While on Twitter there was a request for emergency foster homes for dogs facing euthanasia. Because of this Tweet I fostered a dog who would have been killed due to the Humane Society not bothering to try and adopt him out! He was scheduled to be euthanized on a Friday; the same day we took him in.

Sharon K.
Sharon K8 years ago

The language is offensive. I am tired of profanity assaulting my ears, the radio, celebrity interviews, movies, etc. And to print a profanity that offends Christians is inexcusable.

gary richard jo Thompson

leave them be,theyre ANIMALS for christ sake,no hurt