Soliciting Sex With Children Will Now Be a Federal Offense

Last month, the FBI announced that it had rescued more than 100 sexually exploited children in Operation Cross Country, a nationwide sweep of sex traffickers. Some 150 people, most “pimps” who profit from sexually exploiting children, were arrested. A bill introduced last week in Congress, the End Sex Trafficking Act of 2013, goes a step further, calling for those “patrons” who seek sex with children to also be federally prosecuted.

It goes without saying that the new bill makes an important step in protecting children by recognizing that those who “obtain, patronize, or solicit” prostituted children are guilty of the crime of human trafficking. Beyond prosecuting both those who seek sex with children and those who profit from it, we also need to make provisions to better identify children who are being exploited and to help those who have survived such an experience.

“Soliciting or obtaining sex with minors, paying to have sex with a child, is a crime — period, end of story. This is a monumentally important bill that will do more to curb this terrible crime of [sexual] slavery in the 21st Century,” said Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, a sponsor of the bill.

The new bill amends the existing Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). Under the TVPA,”the guy that brings those girls throughout the United States” is the one who is prosecuted, as Republican Congressman Ted Poe (a former state district judge from Humble, Texas) said during a news conference at the Capitol but “the consumer, the buyer, is not prosecuted on the federal level.” The new bill will mean that “patrons” will also face federal prosecution.

The End Sex Trafficking Act will seek to draw on existing resources, including federally funded law enforcement task forces, which are part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative, to prosecute both those who profit from and solicit sex from children.

Efforts to identify children who are the victims of sex trafficking must also be stepped up. “Our child protection systems often fail to see these kids, to recognize them as crime victims, and to extend protection,” Michelle Garnett McKenzie writes in the Minnesota Daily Planet.

McKenzie emphasizes that it is imperative to see sex trafficked children as crime victims who will need services including safe housing to address what can only be many and complex needs. To this end, Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota and Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York have introduced H.R. 2744, the Child Sex Trafficking Data and Response Act of 2013. This bill would

amend federal law to require that states’ programs relating to child abuse and neglect include provisions and procedures to identify and assess all reports involving child victims of sex trafficking and to train child protective services workers about identifying and providing comprehensive services to exploited children.

The legal response to human trafficking has tended to reflect “the long-held ambivalence about prostitution, which continues to rescue victims by arresting, detaining, and prosecuting them rather than by focusing efforts on the traffickers,” McKenzie writes. The End Sex Trafficking Act of 2013 can, as Poe says, help to end “modern-day slavery” by prosecuting those actually guilty of crimes, not minors who are the victims of criminal activity and in need of rehabilitative care and support.

The bill has broad bipartisan support and is expected to pass both houses of Congress unanimously. More than 85 groups across the country including the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Texas CASA and World Vision International have indicated their support for a law that cannot be passed too soon.

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Jim Ven
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Jerome S
Jerome S8 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Jim Ven
Jim V1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Miriam O.
Miriam AWAY S3 years ago

◕◕◕╰დ╮ THANK YOU for your time and for posting! ╭დ╯◕◕◕
Yes, it's about time!

Paul Barbara
Paul Barbara4 years ago

@ Karen R. 'Why wasn't this a federal crime all along?'
If you watch 'Ted Gunderson Interview with Noreen Gosch', you will get an idea of the answer; also watch 'Mark Phillips & Cathy O'Brien - For Reasons Of National Security', and 'Conspiracy of Silence John DeCamp'.
These abominations go right to the 'heart' (better to say 'top'; governmrnts have no 'heart') of government, 'Justice', CIA, Feds, Military.

Karen R.
Karen Ryan4 years ago

Why wasn't this a federal crime all along? Buying sex with a stranger is icky, but with a minor too young to consent is beyond creepy and sleazy. Selling a minor is reprehensible, but so is buying that minor.

Brenda Hixenbaugh

Well this is a depraved society that needs some serious cleaning up. In stead of the mambsy pambsy legal proceedings that doesn't even begin to dispense justice to all the depraved that are among us far and wide.The lepers used to have to go to a colony and so should all these sic sexual deviants that pray on children,animals and society. Those that are selling and those that are buying should all be lumped together and branded so everyone will know what is standing before them. Life in prison would be my second choice. My first choice would be the death penalty, but since so many saw fit to want that gone, it isn't to likely .But that would be my first choice. The only way that we are going to clean this planet up is to do the same thing to these sicko's as we do with our garbage.A permanent solution is called for here.

Mari s
Mari '4 years ago

Sick twisted monsters Soliciting or molesting little children!! You sickos should be the test subjects NOT INNOCENT Animals! Animals that have more respect and compassion than YOU!!

Beverly M.
Past Member 4 years ago

Why is now just becoming a federal offense?

Lindi Smith
.4 years ago

Pedophiles ought be taken out of our misery...the ruination of someone's life and consequently the lives attached to the victim....the often time-consuming periods of healing (but one rarely 'gets over' traumatizing shit does one?...ask any war vet)...the horror of human memory...a myriad of therapies...I know of a woman so sexually traumatized as a child, she demanded to be sterilized 'just in case' she messed up any potential child due to her sufferings and chronic mental illness as a result of being at the hands of pedophiles. Take them OUT of our collective misery and do not look back...
Pedophilia is a choice....not an excuse. Psycho sickos...take them out.