Son of Lesbian Couple Testifies Against Iowa Gay Marriage Ban (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, the Iowa House passed a constitutional amendment 62 to 37 that if ultimately approved by voters would once again ban same-sex unions in the state. Prior to the vote, 19-year-old Zach Wahls, a University of Iowa student and sixth generation Iowan, spoke against the resolution, telling the packed public hearings on Monday night that he has two mothers and that he’s no worse off for it.

Defiant and well spoken, Wahls also told lawmakers that there is nothing they can do to break up his family—all they can do is codify discrimination in the Iowa constitution and deny his parents formal recognition as same-sex partners, the message being: their family will endure, but a terrible injustice will have been done that will stain the state’s reputation.

Lawmakers chose not to hear him, but you can listen below:

In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the statutory ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Since then, religious conservatives have launched an assault on the state’s same-sex marriages, precipitating the unseating of three Iowa justices that were part of the 2009 decision and facilitating a Republican controlled House that has vowed to push through The Iowa Marriage Amendment (IMA) and put the issue before voters on the 2013 ballot.

However, Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal (D) has vowed to block the measure from reaching the floor in the upper chamber.


Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to Jeff Belmonte.


Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder4 years ago

Great article! Thank u. I shared it.

April W.
April W4 years ago

As long as a child is loved and raised in a good, loving home it shouldn't matter what the parents sexual preference is. Kids who grow up in a home with parents of the opposite gender don't always have loving environments or loving parents for that matter.

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Raised well is raised well, by a single parent, foster parent, adoptive parent, two parents of oposite sex, same sex, no sex, trans sex or any other combination anyone can think of. Raised badly is ditto.

It's the person not the sexual orientation.

The young man is a credit to his upbringing and his moms must be so proud.

alex l.
alex l6 years ago

you know, there used to be the same kind of discrimination against couples who were from two different ethnic backgrounds. i remember elderly people telling me that it would "be bad for the children. can you imagine? how will they be treated by other people?! they will suffer!"
i guess it never occurred to them that the problem was not with the couple, but with other people's response to them. they in fact were excusing abuses against kids by the actual abusers, and blaming their parents instead.
i think this is much the same. "i don't like gay people, so i will make their kids miserable! see, gay people are bad parents!"
preventing gay marriage is just telling the hateful people that they are right to be bigots and gay bashers. it also tells the kids of gay people to be afraid - hate is ok if it's against people like your parents.
blaming the victims is such a worn out defense for violence and hatred, and yet it still gets used every day, even on the Judicial level.

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray6 years ago

Well done, America- sweet land of bigotry- I guess that some people never learn, do they?

Mz Baker
Shannon B6 years ago

many have said it! Love is Love and that's all that should matter!!

Not what the damn government thinks!

its discrimination for a hetero couple to marry and a same sex couple cannot!

I love gay and straight people, black or white it matters none!

if my son grew up and said mom I like that boy well you know what I'd say that's great son, whats his name! I want my son happy that's all that will ever matter to me, well and healthy!!! I have an adopted daughter (not really adopted just call her that) and shes gay and she deals with ignorance all the time!

unconditional love!! its real!! just rare!!

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Here, here good article

Carole K.
Carole K7 years ago

Saw this video on the news. Brought tears as Zach gave testament about his family; & the exemplary upbringing he received. A fine young man stood proud & advanced the cause for his non-traditional family.

Lin Moy
Lin M7 years ago

nice young man.. seems altogether and ok.. people need to keep their thought to them selves in these matters.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

I'm sure his moms are proud. What mom wouldn't be of a son who takes up for her? In his case, times two... You go!