Soon One In Four Children Will Be Living In Poverty

Corporations in the United States are showing massive profits, even as unemployment stays high and the recession lingers on.  Now, it’s becoming even cleared who are the hardest hit by this growing gap between the rich and the poor — young children.

According to CBS News, the poverty rate for children is expected to shortly hit 25 percent, making this the largest group of children to suffer since the Great Depression.  Poverty is defined as a family of four making less than $22,000 annually.

Signs of poverty?  More and more children living in cars, vans, and even short term motel rooms.  And the numbers are increasing quickly.  “Nationwide, 14 million children were in poverty before the Great Recession. Now, the U.S. Census tells us its 16 million – up two million in two years. That is the fastest fall for the middle class since the government started counting 51 years ago.”

Many of the children rely on their schools for free lunches, sometimes even breakfasts, because those are the only meals they eat.  They go to bed hungry.  And in order to not have to rescind the Bush era tax cuts on millionaires and corporations, food stamp programs that could provide additional support to stave off hunger are being cut instead.

So much for protecting the most vulnerable.

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W. C
W. C5 months ago


William C
William C5 months ago

Thank you for the information.

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton6 years ago

It is totally true, I have to live with 8 people, and we are going down like dogs in a river raft swirling river where you can't breath. I guess it only takes one family to bring down 3.

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

The question is does anyone that can change these numbers care!

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

And in Wisconsin, our crappy governor wants to make foodstamps a block grant, so if he wants to use it for other things, such as giving tax breaks to big corporations, he can... Of course our funding for schools and all other State aid has been cut, and no jobs are in sight...

In the mean time, I feel like I'm breaking in half, because I can't keep up with my job due to back pain... but I dare not leave. I have to support my son.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

This is sad.

David M.
David M6 years ago

You thought Lincoln did away with slavery. Now giving corporations tax credits to ship your job overseas where they pay 50cents a day is just wrong!
Let's get rid of Congress and the Lobbyists! Get a grip America! Let's take our Country back from Congress!!!

Chris A.
Chris A.6 years ago

So many true statements. Clearly, the energy problem (crisis) has to be taken more seriously than at present.

The politics of the situation are convoluted. In the UK the public were bamboozled into thinking that Blair's so called Lords' Reform was a step towards greater democracy, while the elimination of the power of the aristocracy and the reduction in the upper middle class have been a step towards emancipation. Not so! They are cosmetic exercises in spin. The truth is that greed, ruthless ambition and materialism have done much of the damage cited.

In the USA, in particular, the culture of "winner" is sacred. The problem is that for every winner, there are many "losers", (i.e. those with healthier perspectives). Much vaunted competition is nothing more than a no holds war to absorb or wreck anything that is seen as a threat. General Motors and the Microsoft Corp and the absolute domination (in the States) of the Boeing Aircraft Corporation of commercial airliner production are a very few instances. What has happened in the banking industry worldwide beggars belief.

In the UK the take over of Cadbury by Kraft appalled many. How long before the ideals of it's Quaker founder will be utterly lost, job redundancies start to build? The most sickening aspect of this debacle is that the take over was totally unnecessary.

Terri Lynn Sullivan

Linda M, sadly everything you said is true. It took me nearly 50 years to realize this.....after traveling ouside the U.S. reading, seeing, learning about American Imperialism. then I brought an innocnet child into this crazy world, and really saw things as they are. Budget cuts across our schools, social services, jobs in RIHGT direction while creating jobs in WRONG direction (overbloated military/"defense") What do we want, smart bombs or smart kids? American's (including myself for a long time) have always been deluded into thinking our wars "serve our nation" by "protecting our freedom and democracy". The military has become such a huge industry, intertwined into every fabric. Obviously we need some "defense" but war does not "defend" our nation, or any nation. How can we stamp ut violence with violence? Why are people not protesting in the streets? Too many protesting on Internet only? People becoming apathetic or afraid of looking "unpatriotic? I really don't get it...or perhaps its they that don't get it. Trillions spent on war/weapons/killing people, our media extolling the "virtue" of killing Bin Laden (where is the legal system?) while we try to teach our kids violence is wrong.

Linda McKellar
Past Member 6 years ago

The only difference between the current American citizens (and those of other contemporary nations) from those of the Middle Ages is, at least the peasants and nobility knew what they were. Today we have been deluded into thinking we have rights and privileges while our youth still die in other countries, supposedly to protect our rights, when we are really enriching the nobility. When people live in cars, go hungry and have no health care we should realize what we are - PEASANTS!