South African Animal Rights Group Receives Warrant for Big-Game Hunt

On September 7th, hunters arrived at a private reserve in the Limpopo region of North South Africa to take part in a week-long big game hunt that was projected to kill hundreds of animals.

The South African animal rights group National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA), who has been trying to stop the hunt, was recently granted a warrant, which allowed them to inspect the alleged hunting grounds. If they found any signs of animal cruelty during the hunt, they could charge the organizers.

The warrant does not allow the NSPCA to take action unless an act of cruelty was witnessed during the hunt. As of Wednesday, nearly 60 animals had been killed from the hunt.

On its Facebook page, the NSPCA announced it obtained the warrant and additionally wrote, “Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to stop the hunt.”

The post went on to explain the hunting methods used:

“Foreign hunters, in South Africa for a week of entertainment, will be standing on purpose-built platforms along the slaughter strip ready to take pot shots at these terrified animals. The animals have no chance of evading the onslaught and the hunters have no way of ensuring a clean shot or a humane death.

“The animal ‘targets’ are moving and there is no way to control the species or age of the animals that will be killed.”

Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs spokesperson Simon Natome visited the hunting grounds and said there was no illegal activity happening, so the hunt continued on.

Some of the animals hunted and killed include gemsbuck, eland, wildebeest, warthogs, impala and duiker.

The big game hunt comes shortly after the worldwide outrage as a result of Cecil the lion’s death by a big game hunter.

Like Cecil, many of the species hunted are wounded instead of killed as a result of the hunting techniques used. They flee the dangerous area and are left to slowly die from their injuries. This type of hunting is legal in South Africa.

The 13 hunters who participated are said to be from Belgium and Holland.

Other animal rights groups, such as Ban Animal Trading (BAT), got involved in the hunt by way of protest. Members brought sirens, loudspeakers and megaphones to shout at the hunters.

Ainsley Hay of the NSPCA called the hunt “horrendous” and called out the unfair advantage the humans have.

“The animals have no chance of evading the onslaught and the hunters have no way of ensuring a clean shot or a humane death,” she said.

On Thursday, the group reported more positive news on their Facebook page:

“Whilst half of our team was applying for the warrant the hunters mistakenly thought all of us had left so they began setting up back at Braam Farm. Luckily the rest of our team caught them and demanded entry as our warrant covers Braam farm. So the hunters then packed up and left.

Our team was met at the magistrates office by the hunters advocates as they were contesting our warrant application. After much representation by our amazing inspectors, despite the advocates’ arguments, the warrant has been granted to enter all farms involved and witness the hunt.”

The NSPCA was founded in 1955 as a way to bring uniformity to welfare legislation standards. Its current mission is “To end animal cruelty in South Africa and to engender compassion for all animals.”

In August, the NSPCA laid animal cruelty charges against ostrich farmers in the Western Cape. In January 2010, the farmers were caught amputating the ostriches’ toes and promised to cease the practices. They were caught again this year, which prompted the NSPCA to act.


Photo Credit: LordMountbatten


Christine S
Christine Stewart10 months ago

hunters are vile subhumans.

Mark Donner
Mark Donner2 years ago

They should have gotten a warrant to line up the coward hunter psychopaths and shoot them through their heads.

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus2 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

mari s.
Mari S2 years ago

I desperately abhor hunting of animals and want hunting of all animals to STOP all over the world --- it's a horrific, cruel, unconscionable, merciless, needless, hateful callous amusement.

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I Hate Poaching & animal trafficking.

Bob Petermann
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Greed by the government there is what drives this.

Rose-Marie Grobbelaar

In every country wild life are being decimated. It seem to be what governments and authorities want. And there are always the cowards that are willing to murder the innocents. When there are no more wildlife, humans can fill up the empty spaces and pollute and destroy what is left of earth. And that will not take long. At the alarming rate that humans are breeding, soon they will have to look at each other for food. Cannibalism is nothing new.

Paulinha Russell
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