South Carolina Picks A Primary Date, January 21st


South Carolina has officially decided on a primary date, which should as a result put the rest of the primary calendar in line.

Today, the South Carolina Republican Party has announced plans to host their primary on January 21st, 2012, violating the earlier rule for setting a date prior to March 1st.  South Carolina’s jump will keep it officially ahead of Florida, who also violated the RNC rules by moving their primary to January 31st.  This new South Carolina date will keep the state’s status as the first primary in the south intact.

With South Carolina moving up, the new calendar is beginning to fall into shape.  Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada will still attempt to hold their contests first, and in that order, with New Hampshire pledging to host their primary after Iowa’s initial caucus.  Nevada has tied their date to the Saturday following New Hampshire,  however, that violates a New Hampshire law stating that it will not hold their primary within seven days of a following contest.

Although the dates have not yet been formally announced, so far the first five contests look to be:

Iowa – January 3rd

New Hampshire – January 10th

Nevada – January 17th (if they use the 7 day rule)

South Carolina: January 21st

Florida: January 31st


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Photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh


Deborah Wasko
Past Member 6 years ago

In my opinion, the UNITED States should operate under one timeframe for all ... no specials to allow trends, concentrated efforts where desired results are tanking, etc. Without the edge, something might even be accomplished in the long-term. Too reasonable to even consider?

Maurice Simoens
Maurice Simoens6 years ago

we have to vote out all repb,and vote democrats

Jan W.
Jan W6 years ago

Silly competition. People, grow up. This is like watching a bunch of 1st graders trying to be first in line.