Speak for Yourself: International Women’s Day and Care2

Monday March 8th is International Women’s Day.  Please share your thoughts, recollections or issues here in the comments section; we’ll make a couple of posts from them on the 8th itself.  Whether you’re worried for women in Afghanistan or remembering Girl Scouts or seeing Geraldine Ferraro give her acceptance speech or Sally Ride in space or all the women Olympians who benefited from Titled IX– or you’re just thinking about a daughter or sister or friend, share it here.  Please.

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murray m.
Past Member 8 years ago

I have read all these comments, and the one from Silvia Silva, Portugal, is positive and inspiring. The world is not what it was created to be, instead, man uses his gift of free choice to take from others. Women, world-wide, can embrace a positive attitude like Silvia's, and continue a never ending struggle to gain equality.

Laia A.
Laia A8 years ago

…I wish that every woman were happy to be born a woman…
¡Happy women's day!

Ann Lafave
Ann L8 years ago


Janice P.
Janice P8 years ago

Two things come to mind on this day. First, I just buried my mother, who was born in 1918. When she was born, women could not vote, and they were considered in many ways as chattel.

Second, When I was married, my husband and I purchased a home (in 1972). He deserted our son and me 4 years later. After that time, I made all of the mortgage payments. Imagine my surprise when I did a credit inquiry and learned that my credit report did not reflect 26 years of MY payments. The reason given was that my husband's name was listed on the mortage first (because "he was the man"), and that is the only name credited with making all of those mortgage payments. I was furious. He got credit for my timely payments - after he deserted us! Talk about discrimination! How many other things like this exist, that no one knows about?

We still have a very long way to go, Ladies. We can't rest on the accomplishments made in the past. If we do, we will all experience nasty little surprises like the one I did.

Samantha T.
Past Member 8 years ago

Sílvia Silva: I'm not Christian so I can't speak from the Christian POV other than what I've read & oddly enough, even I have read the bible. I recall reading that women will be the teachers of women & children. Your post brings up an important point. How are uneducated women supposed to teach their children when they themselves are denied an education? It doesn't matter if that child is boy/girl. If it's a boy, he needs to learn to b/c a man & if it's a girl, she needs to learn to b/c a woman. Both sexes deserve an education & the right to use said education. W/o adequate education, we all lose. What if one of these uneducated women happened to be the 1 person necessary to find the cure for cancer, AIDs, HIV, diabetes, etc... & denied the chance to learn, we lose such a valuable gift to the world? That in & of itself is an atrocity. It is my belief that everyone everywhere regardless of country should have access to a grade school & college education at no to little cost b/c in the end, that education benefits everyone when looking at the big picture. Education leads to thoughts, ideas, & even cures; it opens the door to discussion, which can ultimately bring about world peace when ignorance is wiped away as the plague that it is. Ignorance is an epidemic that needs eradication in EVERY country, not just one & education for ALL not just a limited few lucky enough to be born w/a silver spoon in their mouths w/parents who can afford c

Tierney G.
Tierney G8 years ago

I want to thank my adopted father,my dad,a true gentleman who loved me and respected me and taught me that a woman could do anything a man could.Sadly my dad is only one of a few man I have truly known, in this world so far that has given me any hope that there may be fair and decent men somewhere on this planet. I only have the hope he gave me as I see my sisters suffering far and wide since the begining of time. I myself have been very mistreated by men other than he . My dad gave me some hope and I was blessed to have him a good and decent man...he never hit or hurt my mother or me no matter how mad he may have been.
Sisters unite stand and be strong and demand respect do it for your children. Let them see you as strong and respectful of yourself and others .Stand be brave you are human not slave to anyone.Sisters love yourselves we are the center of the universe and we have our souls and hearts to protect and no man can take that away!

Christiane Wawrok

I wish all women all over the world the best!

BTW A (male) just gave a rose for Women's Day. Imagine my big smile.

Sílvia S.
Sílvia S.8 years ago

My name is Sílvia Silva; I am 34 years old and come from Portugal.

Referring to the upcoming International Women's Day maybe we have reasons to celebrate some achievements but still have a long way to go. For instance, at this moment if I were employed I could be experiencing one of those inequalities. The Portuguese government complains about the decreasing population but its economic models and labor policies do not act as a stimulus to parenthood.

I also reckon that one of the most important fields, in order to empower women, is education. Therefore, every child, girl and woman should attend school to increase their skills, reasoning and critical thought. We can only fight for our rights if we have access to information and the know-how to deal with that same information. As a woman and as a future mother of a young little man, I already feel I have a double responsibility to raise my child with the value of equality and considering women as equal, as bright, as responsible, as strong, as everything we can and should be.

( )s

Shaz E.
.8 years ago

As March 8th draws closer, my thoughts and prayers are with the millions of women and girls who are trafficked across international and local borders in the name of sex.

My heart goes out to these women and girls who are sold into sexual slavery and forced to do the worst things.

My hope is that days like March 8th will highlight the plight of these women and girls, to bring their plight into our consciousness, that we not just remember them and feel outraged. But that we stand up and do something.

alicia m.
alicia m8 years ago

I hope one day Women's Day would not be necessary any more... in the meantime HAPPY 8TH MARCH!