Split in Arizona GOP Part of National Trend

Well that didn’t take long.  Just a few weeks after the tragic shooting in Tucson Arizonan’s are again dealing with deep partisan divisions with citizenship as the fault-line. 

For starters, Republicans introduced their own version of birthright citizenship repeal.  A couple of days earlier Republicans introduced a bill that would require future presidential candidates to verify their place of birth before they can appear on the Arizona ballot.  Those pushing the measure have been clear that it stems from their ongoing doubts about President Obama’s citizenship.

Finally, the Pima County Tea Party Patriots have organized a campaign for the ouster of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a vocal critic of the rhetoric of the hard right and a friend and supporter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Those on the hard right hope to recall the sheriff, but if that doesn’t work they’ll work hard to unseat him in the 2012 elections.

The divides are not simply between Republicans and Democrats but within the Republican party as well.  At least three Republican leaders resigned because of Tea Party threats and intimidation.  It got so bad that at least one former official, Sophia Johnson, sought a restraining order against Tea Party activists.

The split in Arizona Republican politics mirrors the rift occuring nationally and so far this doesn’t bode well for establishment Republicans.  In the short term there doesn’t appear to be any slowing down the anti-immigrant wing of the Republican party.  Their well-organized and orchestrated legislative and electoral campaigns are swiftly running out party moderates.  It’s a terrible strategy for grabbing and holding power for any sustained period of time.  Very soon Republicans are going to have to have a reckoning with the fringe of their party if they hope to retain any relevance as a governing party.

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

MAXIMILLIAN F G7 years ago

To those of sue t.'s 'ilk'-That 'Self-Rationalizing' is Mythical at Best and Divisive at Worst...Died in the Wool - Hypocrisy and Xenophobia - May 'work' for You-but try keeping the 'infection' to Yourself...Your Thinking and Beliefs are Archaic...You- GET IT Right - RACISM IS RACISM...

MAXIMILLIAN F G7 years ago

The Hard-Core Republicans are Well Aware of the 'Fringe/bene-
fits' of the Teabaggers-And-Want 'NONE of IT'...They Dismissed the Psychopathic-Glimpses during the last Campaign/some even joined themselves at-the-hip to the 'Baggers'-believing them to be the 'Deliverers'...And They Were-the Deliverers of Chaos-Divisiveness and Secession...But Something More Vile was Afoot. Sadly-The Very TOOL they so Zealously Chose to Vent their Discontent With-Became a Weapon Instead. Rhetoric is to be Tempered-If Not-It Can and WILL 'Come Back To Haunt You'.

Frank S.
7 years ago

Amazing! That now in the United States of America, prison corporations are trying to use state governments to fatten their corporate profits, by targeting innocent defenseless people!

Private Prison Industry Helped Create Anti-Immigrant Law in Arizona
Monday, November 01, 2010

"According to an investigation by NPR, the legislation was drafted last December during a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization of state legislators and large corporations and associations, including tobacco company Reynolds American Inc., ExxonMobil, the National Rifle Association and the largest private prison company in the U.S.: Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). It was only afterwards that Pearce presented his bill to the state legislature."-.allgov.com


Below is only a reenactment of how bad things will become for Hispanics because of these racist laws in the future!

ABC News Sends Actor Posing as Security Guard to Challenge AZ Illegal Immigration Law

February 03, 2011


Cassey B.
Cassey B.7 years ago

When Bush was "elected" for a second term, I cried (SEVERAL times) because I KNEW that my life would CONTINUE to be crappy for at least another 4 years! However, you didn't see Democrats throwing a TANTRUM because they didn't get their wa-wa way! To me, The Tea Party is nothing more than a disgruntled group of Spoiled Brats! Repealing everything you disagree with is NOT the answer! How about putting on your thinking cap and actually coming up with something Better! SHEESH! It's totally amazing that President Obama has been able to accomplish anything at all in the past 2 years! Just think what we Could do if we ALL (as in BOTH Parties) worked together?!? What a concept!

Harry Coverston
Harry Coverston7 years ago

"Is the Tea Parry getting out of control?"

Ironic question. The Tea Party is completely about control of others while simultaneously seeking to have no responsibilities to anyone else. It is the kind of thinking we see in adolescents, particularly adolescent boys, who resist any kind of parental control while insisting upon doing what they want when they want to do it regardless of its impact on others.

You cannot demand that adults grow up and act in a responsible manner. But you can prevent childish thinking from attaining power. The Republicans are playing a very dangerous game here and nothing less than the future of the country is in the balance. At what point do we simply throw up our hands and go our separate ways?

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever." - Thomas Jefferson

michael c.
corbin m7 years ago

What do you mean starting to? 1)the original Birther laws are already a Republican win. The fact that conservatives are against it shows their stupidity and prejudice. 2)instead of welcoming healthy debate, conservatives seek to remove those who do not agree with their views (no matter how extreme). 3)the conservative rhetoric has always sown the seeds of prejudice, violence and hate. No, it doesn't seem to me that they are only now, "starting to lose control".

Dianne D.
Dianne D7 years ago

Those requesting the birth right must have their heads buried in the sand. The birth certificate was published back in 2006. What's wrong with these idiots? They shouldn't be allowed in society.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

I agree that this is also a nationwide problem. As someone who lives in Arizona I can attest to the fact that our political structure here is very fractured & wrought with hostility. In addition to the differences that divide the Democrats and the Republicans, there's also more than enough tension between the conservatives. The Tea-party, which is hell-bent on running the country & the world are constantly spewing their alarmist hate-rhetoric here to spur people to action (usually negative action with negative results) all while demonizing Democrats & the Republicans that don't agree with them 100% on all issues all of the time. There is also discord among non Tea-Party republicans as well. Sadly the state is doomed since it is a Republican ruled state that is almost exclusively conservative. The Democratic party doesn't stand much of a chance for producing tangible results simply because our repulsive Republican Gov. Jan Brewer is only concerned about quelling the discord in her own party & shuts out the Democrats entirely and refuses to listen to them or even engage them in the legislative process. She made it clear in her state of the state address that Arizona doesn't need one blessed thing to do with Democrats. Ultimately the Democrats are relegated to standing on the sidelines and act as spectators all while conservative zealots draft legislation that affects the lives of those they don't know about, don't care about & openly hate.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Tom Y,
You've got that right.